Who is your favorite ghost pNPC?

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Beverly Appleby
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[IF] Ghost pNPC Voting!

POSTED: Sun Apr 01, 2018 8:05 am

IF pNPC Contest: Ghost Vote!

We have three lovely ghost pNPC ideas, but only one slot for a specter in our pack! Inferni, vote for your favorite spirit!

Voting will end on April 15th, when the winner will be revealed!

The Ghosts

1. Trout

A young kid in search of the family he lost in the Great Fire.

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2. Stamford

A reserved non-Luperci ghost who haunts the old maple he was strung up by his heels in.

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3. Beverly Appleby

A drowned trader whose weak spirit haunts the river -- will Inferni help strengthen her?

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Prizes & Reminders

Those who have submitted a pNPC idea -- DM Raze on Discord about the character you'd like a chibi of!

While the pNPC submissions have ended, you still have until April 15 to participate in our pNPC posting event! Show some love to our existing pNPCs, and win art for doing so! ;O You only need two completed threads to win a free avatar of your very own Inferni character. :>

On April 15th, the new pNPCs will be revealed.

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