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Salsola always has several horses housed in the Stables. Tend to them in some way: refresh their food and water, perform basic medical care, or simply sit in the stables and spend some time with them. Note: You shouldn't make anything but a passing reference to horses owned by other members of Salsola without that member's explicit permission.

Horses were a deep rooted aspect of gypsy-tradition. They were used mostly for transport, though in light of the many turf wars that had begun in Ame Rouge Dirge had decided to begin training some of the families animals for a completely different purpose. Tonnerre had been traded for from a neighbor after the animal had bugled loudly and frightened off a couple of would-be poachers. Dirge had recognized something then in the dappled animal, and made out to procure him for his son soon after.

The training had started almost immediately. The animal had been forced to walk through gorey path ways, calmed and desensitized to the scent of blood. He had been trotted through loud scenarios until he barely flicked an ear.

Brocade was no horse expert, but he had learned a few tricks from watching others with their animals and through the work his father had accomplished with Tonnerre. The beast was older now, more settled in his ways - and had saved Brocade more times than the man could count. He had decided to allow the horse to roam with Jacquards Montagne and Colline, and as he came to the fence the three horses perked their large heads curiously in his direction.

He whistled for the stallion and he stamped his hooves before cantering to the fence to blow air into his masters face.

<"Hello you old man,"> Brocade tapped the animals nose, gesturing for him to follow towards the gap in the fence, <"Come on then, lets check you out.">

Jacquards horses dropped their heads, their heavy frames casting chubby shadows across the newly exposed grass.

Want to come do horsey things? :)

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Hope you don't mind a Scorpius and his kiddos~ :> [ 302 ]

With the birth of Midnight's newest foal the Jagermeister was reminded of her previous one, which after three winters was no longer a little colt anymore. Onyx, born of two large breeds with strong bloodlines, was a beast of a horse now. Dark blue roan like his mother with a big head and sturdy frame like his sire, the Percheron mix - recently gelded to curb a nasty temper - was well on his way to becoming a highly valuable member of Salsola's ever growing herd.

Sidious and Senua could not pass up an opportunity to visit Marrgerd. Still unshifted, though their time was drawing nigh, the twins were growing rapidly like the carefully cultivated thistle that encircled the kingdom. Sidious was bigger than his sister, though not by much, and the dark young male led the way with a swift trot, his tail waving contentedly behind him as bright red eyes took in everything with an acute sense of detail. Senua stuck closer to her father who walked at a leisurely pace, in no hurry to close the distance between their home at the far end of the Ruins and the sprawl of Salsola's communal stables.

The trio arrived before long and in time to see Brocade greeting his horse. The rest of the herd had been let out into the pasture to sun themselves and graze and had spread out into small groups and individuals scattered across the field. A sharp whistle from the Beast gave several horses a start but one in particular raised its head high and turned to look, recognition setting in easily to summon the big gelding to the fence. As the twins rushed forward to meet Onyx, Scorpius turned his attention to Brocade, his dark maw dipped just a little in a curt greeting. "Henchman."

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