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Only when the others had begun to eat, did Kamari do so as well. She was a guest and didn’t want to merely assume it was okay to dig in. Her parents had warned her about the rules some households had regarding who ate first and whatnot. For some, the elder or highest authority figure had to eat their meal completely before the others could begin, for other houses, everyone could begin dining at once, and there were some that apparently had some sort of ritual or whatever to begin the meal with. Thankfully, the Heiwas didn’t appear to have anything too complex in play, and no one seemed to get onto her when she began to quietly eat the food Krios had served to her.

The family had done a good job with the meal. The meat was tender, the root vegetables were soft and melt-in-your-mouth, the broth and herbs for flavoring were satisfying. It was delectable and had a homey taste and feel about it. It was nice, and it made the nervous Kaiser feel a little less so.

Ondine spoke up mid-way through the meal, causing Kamari’s eyes to jump to her instantly as she chewed her recent forkful. It had been the first time the Seer had spoken since greeting her at the door. Her question—like Isabella’s—had caught her off guard. A house? With Krios? The two of them?

She snuck a glance to Krios at the mention of his uncle, hoping that he might speak up instead since it appeared as if the question might have been angled for him to speak as well.

However, the Heiwa matriarch chimed in before either teenager could answer Ondine. From the sound of it—and from her eventual warning—the woman did not think highly of the dark, Revlis daughter or her bloodline. Kamari wouldn’t blame her for it though. It didn’t seem a lot of adults were satisfied with her new seat as second-in-command to the Boss. And Kamari and Krios had definitely not received any favors with their forced betrothal.

With the mention of the Revlis line, Kamari wondered if the same truth extended to Krios, the son of the Pentiti and ex-Lord Commander, Lokr. Maybe the matriarch thought more of her grandson though because of his Heiwa lineage, maybe she thought it stronger than the instable blood of the Revlis that ran through his veins. Kamari didn’t know, and didn’t dare to question her. Not here, not now.

“I think we’ve learned our lesson there,” she admitted with a solemn nod, agreeing to not angering or otherwise bringing any attention upon themselves within Elphaba’s sights again. If they were to argue, Kamari knew it would be in their best interest if she kept her temper in check the next time…or at least her voice down. “Thank you, Warden,” she said politely with a dip of her head towards the table’s head.

Her gaze shifted to Krios’ mother where she shook her head. “We haven’t thought that far ahead yet.” Hell, it had taken enough already just to get back on friendly terms with one another. Her cornflower blue eyes fell to her stew. “I…guess there’s a lot left to be done though…isn’t there?” It was a question, an honest one, of what she should expect of her near future.

She had no idea what they were doing, what they were supposed to be doing. Her parents hadn’t been forced together. They had been freed slaves, and had sort of just decided on a place that was livable to raise a family. They had had no special ceremony or anything regarding their mateship as far as she knew. They had no family ties within Salsola, only their previous masters.

All of this was new to the Kaiser.

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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

Ondine watched the girl and her son. He looked a little sheepish at the question, but he was a male child and boys were always far more embarrassed by their mother's personal questions once they came of age. Or so she had heard. Her grandmother had never had a son born of her loins, but she had grown up with twin brothers so she seemed to know a thing or two about sons. That and after a year of raising Krios, Ondine felt like she was a better expert than her mother on the matter, even if Krios was a little bit pigheaded at the best of times.

Kamari was polite, which only endeared her to the Seer. She wished better for the girl born of two slaves, and she knew her mother felt the same beneath that cold and gruff exterior. "There is still time. Elphaba might change her mind and decide to generously free you both from your obligations." There was a tone of hope in her voice, but it was clear in her heart that the Revlis daughter was not about to do any such thing. Her eyes were too strongly fixated on her new half-brother, especially after he opened his mouth and revealed his heritage to her. His existence was a threat to him, beyond anything else.

Krios, as Kamari admitted she did not know much of what they needed, cleared his throat with an obvious brow raise, as though warning to his mother. "We'll figure it out," he said with a clear warning, and then what seemed a rather affectionate look toward Kamari. It was enough to set her back in surprise, though her years in Salsola had schooled her in how to keep her expression clear of such a telltale sign.

"I'm sure you will, but we can help you when you need. " She gave him a reassuring look that did not seem to wipe that plea off his face.

"Let them figure it out. They don't want us interfering in their mess after all," said the matriarch with a very knowing and toothy smile, her sharp eyes glittering on the duo. Isabella resumed eating while Ondine shrugged into her cup of wine. Krios seemed relieved and that was a look he threw to the girl who was his betrothed. It was amusing if in the end, the two of them would actually like one another.

we can probably wrap up soon c:

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