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POSTED: Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:33 pm

With the coming of spring, various plant species come into bloom. Replenish a current supply of plant for the Garden.

Present, late morning, in the garden planting seeds. AW for one please~ :3 [ 386 ]

Scorpius made a sound. A low rumbling grumbling growling sort of sound. A sound that said ‘I hate this’ without any actual words. Serene shot him a look. A half lidded slanted corner of the eye look. A look that said ‘Too bad, you're doing it anyways’ without any actual words. The walk to the garden far across from their quiet little edge of the Ruins carried on in the same manner as the pups - hardly even a semblance of pups anymore - led the way a few paces ahead of them, the twins idly chatting with each other about all sorts of nonsensical things that young ones discuss.

When they arrived at last the garden was a little worse for wear but was not the disaster Serene was expecting. Many of the perennial plants were beginning to bud and the ones that didn't come back had already been removed and the soil turned for new seeds. For that alone the unwanted Eternity was grateful. "Over here loves, let's pick out a nice place to plant these seeds."

She knelt down beside one of the empty rows and set down her satchel as the pups eagerly gathered around her. Sidious was quick to stick his face into the aromatic leather bag and even quicker to regret it as the mixture of strong scents sent the dark male stumbling backward with a snort. Serene stifled a chuckle as Senua laughed at her brother and Scorpius sighed, displeased with his son's behavior.

"Aw Sid, can’t handle a few sprigs of lavender?" Senua teased as she pawed at the soft earth and dug a small hole for her mother to drop seeds in. "Shut up, Sen. You know there's more stink in there than just that." Sidious snorted again as he found his feet and brushed past her roughly to start digging his own holes, which were entirely too big for the few tiny seeds they were meant for.

"Enough. Do as your mother says." Was all Scorpius had to growl out to get his offspring in line. Though the twins still jostled each other around as they competed against one another digging holes, the argument was over, and Serene could only smile cheerily as she dropped seeds into the various sized holes left in their wake.

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POSTED: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:08 pm

In a place as large and populated as the Thistle Kingdom there were always tasks to be done in order to keep the pack running smoothly. Kaeli found herself unfit to carry on her usual activities due to the delicate state of her most recent wound. Because of this she chose to pay the gardens a visit and see if she could find a more endurable enterprise there.

Before reaching her destination she sensed the group that apparently shared her desire to work in the pack’s gardens. For a moment Kaeli hesitated, she was a creature who naturally sought solitude over the company of her own kind but to rise amongst the thorns she required to widen her social horizons. Resignation took over her and with a court smile printed upon her face she pushed forward toward the working family.

She took a second to take in the individuals that had gathered at the gardens. She knew Scorpius from sight alone, the rest were complete strangers to her. ”Morning. She heard herself say as she came forward, attempting to look less threatening despite her barbaric jewellery and imposing stature. Her eyes stopped on the younglings and then returned to the towering dark male. ”Hope you don’t mind another pair of helping hands.” After the exchange of greetings she would begin the easy yet tedious task of getting rid of the weeds that had started to grow under the shade of the useful plants.

The Blacksun warrior remained largely focused on the task at hand, although if a conversation was to take place it would certainly be carried on by the Jagermeister or his wife which name she did not know.

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