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POSTED: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:49 pm

Yet now I'm standing here, my heart so full, I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I'd say.

Being back in Inferni felt comforting, at least compared to how the prior months had been treating her. If anything, it helped to give her some more perspective on things. Her mother had told her about times when she had been frightened to leave the clan's borders.. and a situation like this helped to show why. In her mother's case, it had been because of her fear of running into wolves, and for her darker daughter, it had been an assault from an unknown attacker.. or rather attackers. She could she two vague figures in her head... but nothing more than that.

The road to recovery from starvation had been a slow one, but it was making fair results. She had been putting weight back on her body, and was growing able to eat more and more as the time was given to pass. It had been in part to her mother's worry that the robed girl spent so much more time at home, but she found there had been no other reason to leave the clan unless it was to see her friend. She had seen him shortly after her rescue, but not since then. He tended to her in his own way.. but when she really needed to be was with her family.

Dahlia and Hope were already gone when she woke. The younger sibling was turning into quite the hunter from what her sibling had told her, wanting to help her older sister get better. Guess she really did care about the lessons that were taught to her, even if she wasn't showing it. Blue green gaze moved about the cave her small family had claimed. Her mother was gone too. Maybe she was gathering more plants or taking care of some outside. Spring had finally come, and thus the snow had retreated. It was only natural for her to take to something that brought her such joy.

A small smile moved over the Civilis' face as she leaned against the wall of the cave, closing her eyes as she relaxed. Maybe she should go out and join her mother. She had never had the interest in gardening that her sibling did, but she had always been and would continue to be her mother's protector. If it brought her mother happiness, then it brought Faith happiness as well.

Soon... for now she just wanted to rest a little.

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