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POSTED: Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:53 am

Thread Prompt wrote:It's time for some April showers - rain-proof your house or den, or maybe have some fun splashing in a puddle or two!

“We ought to do something about this,” Lyric said, glancing up at the cracks in their “ceiling.” A raindrop fell into her eye, proving her point. Maturely, Posey giggled.

Their rubble-formed den on the outskirts of Winterwynd was not weather-proof, that was for sure – but Posey didn’t mind it one bit, because it was still warmer than she was used to. There were hardly any cracks, just enough to let a little bit of weather in between the artificial and natural-formed stones or dripping in from the bark of the tree trunk. It made her feel like she was outside without being; it made her feel connected to the world. She could dream in her den and still feel the caress of the wind.

Or a raindrop from an April shower, as the case may be.

“You could go situate yerself in one o’ those houses, all proper-like, be my guest,” Posey said. “Been tryin’ t’ getcha t’ move out all this time, you squatter.”

The adult child glanced at her, a hint of hurt on her features, but Posey wagged her tail and came up to lick Lyric to show her she was teasing. The brown wolf tolerated the gross mother-kisses, old wolf-tongue lapping in her ear, before she shook her head and left the den. “I’ll patch up the worst of the holes at least,” she said. “I don’t wanna drown in there.”

Posey watched her go, smiling, wiggling her ears – then joined her outside after a minute. Lyric was already shifting to her Optime form, but Posey remained on all fours, spotting a nearby puddle and leaping into it without a care.
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"I think it'll do..." Brom said, stepping back from the newly patched hole in the roof of the bungalow Saga had claimed only recently. While baby blue eyes sparkled with delight, chartreuse ones watched on full of skepticism. 'We'll see...' the dappled woman hummed, hands crossed over her chest, the smallest of smiles playing on her lips. The pair shared a brief moment of eye contact, brimming with teenage awkwardness, before Saga spoke again, 'Come on, we better go and see if anyone else needs a handyman', and she led the way out of the building.

Despite the persistent hiss of rain, Saga soon heard other's braving the element, two familiar voices chatting between themselves. Before long, the couple (though Saga would insist otherwise) rounded a corner and came face to face with those two voices. 'Hey' the D'Angelo woman said cheerily, giving the older pair a polite smile, 'If you're trying to patch up your roof, Brom might be able to help'. The aforementioned wolfdog raised a hand in greeting, jutting his head as he did so. Teeth as white as his snowy coat flashed momentarily too as he too, let out a soft 'Hi'.

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