Give us not to think so far away as the uncertain harvest

POSTED: Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:28 am

The first flowers of spring shrugged off the frost and pointed colorful buds toward the cloudy blue sky.

Spotting these, Skoll frowned and scratched at his flank. A clump of shed fur drifted down to the grass – then was whisked away by a breeze, brisk and cold despite the relative comfort of the warming weather. It disappeared somewhere in the field, probably to dissipate or be snatched up by an innovative bird. Despite the occasional chill and late snow, spring was here.

His eye followed the tuft of white until something else caught his attention: a big tree at the meadow’s edge, an ancient oak. The sun seemed captured in its branches. He almost smiled, to look at it, and made his way toward it.

As he came nearer, however, thoughts and feelings washed over him. Shadows striped his face as he squinted up at the budding branches, and he reflected once more on what this spring would mean for him.

“God give me strength,” Skoll groaned loudly. He reached the tree’s roots and knelt among them, crossing himself.
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