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It's dawn, Saint Croix Highlands, and the air is full of pollen. Your character has found parts of a skeleton.

Backdated to April 9th. Pardon the length of my posts as I get used to these two~ [ 460 ]

"Would you quit that sniffling, you're driving me nuts."

The ochre Knight offered an irritated glance at his umber brother, who had been sniffing and snorting and sneezing for a good while now. He was fine the day before and all through the night but the moment morning broke and the sun bathed the realm with its light, he had been sniffling and snuffling and it seemed like it was endless.

Merlin rubbed his nose with the back of his hand and shifted his weight in the saddle, the large mare not at all fazed by the action or the noises. Ginger was a good horse, big and strong and gentle, an easy mount for a novice rider and well worth the somewhat steep price she cost. She suited Merlin well though, but she was slow, and their journey back from Portland would have gone much quicker of she could keep up with the fleet-footed steed Arthur had acquired for himself.

Noble was every bit befitting of his name. A good-looking stallion bred for speed, agility, and strength. He came well mannered and well trained and was thus not cheap either, but Arthur managed to scrape together enough for both horses through some mercenary work, a few odd jobs, and a just a tiny bit of thievery.

Those fat rich Portland wolves wouldn't miss the few coins from their coffers.

Poe had been flying ahead to scout out the terrain and had circled back suddenly after spotting something. He fluttered down and landed easily on Arthur's shoulder and bobbed his head a little as he motioned beyond the next knoll, croaking something about a dead thing before taking to the wing once more. Arthur watched as the bird turned into a dark silhouette against the sky before he nudged his horse into a trot, an arm waved to signal his brother to follow closer.

Merlin squeezed his legs and coaxed Ginger into a slow canter, the two riders keeping pace and before long came upon the dead thing. It was a large skeleton, or at least it used to be, as most of it had either been dragged away by scavengers or worn away by the elements. As Merlin came to a stop alongside Arthur, he wrinkled his itching nose at the sun-bleached bones and leaned down a little to get a closer look. "What d'you suppose it was?"

"Something big. Moose, maybe. Or a huge stag. Can't really tell without a skull." The lighter brother mused aloud, not really answering as much as simply giving voice to his thoughts as indigo blue eyes studied the bones. There was no skull anywhere near what was left of the body or nearby, and no feet either. It was strange. Eerily strange.

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