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POSTED: Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:19 am

Sineria chuckled a bit too with Myrkr as to not feel left out, but this only seemed to only make Sineria feel more awkward with this situation. He then looked to Myrkr and sighed,Y...yeah, well....I w...was kind of thinking th...this could help people climb. P...people who c...can’t really climb t..trees, me." Sineria blushed at this feeling embarrassed now to admit a flaw of his own, but it wasn’t his only flaw by far.

As Sineria gathered up a few more rocks to throw he looked back at Myrkr and smiled a bit. "A h...hook and water would be good f...for fishing, b...but it’s just so.... Sineria paused and twiddled his thumbs for a few moments while as he tried to come up with the right words,"...unoriginal I g...guess. I...I mean you just told me all about y...your idea, why would I w...want to take that away from"

Sineria looked down at the rocks and threw a few up, and after he threw the first two rocks the third rock hit the hooked point on the hook and it started to come loose. However, Sineria has run out of rocks so he walked over to the tree and gathered up the rocks from earlier. He looked to Myrkr again and smiled,"I do see your p....point though, d...different tools are b...better for certain p...people, a...and I get that now, so th...thanks."

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Myrkr raised his brows and set his hands on his hips, smirking. Yeah, but you gotta learn how to climb rope too, he pointed out, laughter in his voice – though not laughter meant to be unkind.

He opened his mouth to explain he hadn't meant that kind of fishing, but shut it when the white wolf called such an idea "unoriginal" since it came from another source. He thumbed at his silvering chin. I doubt your pack will care who you take ideas from if the idea benefits them. Besides, I'm no inventor; you aren't taking anything from me. You should be open to others' ideas and listen to their problems if you want to make something useful.

He nodded and smiled when Sineria thanked him. Here, lemme help you with that, he offered when Sineria had thrown his last rock. He was almost a foot taller than the little wolf, and used his long limbs to reach up, jumping for the dangling rope. It took a few tries, but he managed to snag it and tug the loosened point.

When it dropped he saw his life flash before his eyes, of course, and let out a rather feminine yelp as he tried to shove Sineria out of the way of death – but the scavenged metal dropped to the earth with a thud. Embarrassed now, Myrkr grinned, strained, and offered a light bow to his acquaintance. Well, there you go. I uh, gotta get moving! Good luck with your inventions. He waved, smiling, and trotted away – the brief distraction over with, able to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature once more.

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