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Present, early evening, edge of the Blackwoods just outside Amherst. [ 322 ]

The thin column of smoke that rose above the trees had persisted for several days. It happened twice each day, once in the morning and once again at dusk, the telltale sign of a carefully prepared cooking fire. The Beast had no doubt in his mind that someone had taken up residence in Amherst, which would not have been a problem, except that half of the small city now belonged to Salsola.

He took a few days more to carefully scout out the camp. It was set up in a small courtyard of a few buildings very close to the southern edge of the city and well within the Thistle Kingdom's ever expanding sprawl. One horse and rider came and went at different times of the day but by scent alone it was obvious there were more of them, he just hadn't had the time to get a good count. Of the distinct scents he knew there was more than two but less than five, two were related, and most of them were male.

Were he a different sort of individual Scorpius would have wondered at why the small band of luperci had taken up residence where they did, knowing they had settled well within a pack's claim, but he didn't care. He just wanted them gone. They were getting fat off of Salsola's plants and prey and this could not go on unpunished any longer.

A hand grazed his shoulder but he knew who it was long before she touched him and the Banshee made eye contact for only a split second before she turned her attention to the dim glow of firelight in the distance and hackles bristled. They only had one more to wait for before they would make their move, quick and quiet after the band of interlopers had turned in for the night. There was no need for excessive violence when they had the advantage of surprise.

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Content to play household with Katinka in their new cabin – stinking for its proximity to Marrgerd, but most importantly well-insulated inside its wood-and-brick walls – Khael had not ventured far for some days. She spent her time basking in the sunlight with the cats, sorting through her spoils, or stretching and hunting in the dark. Sometimes she did not go outside at all, and when she wanted to she could persuade Tink to stay indoors too.

But she could not remain lax forever. When Scorpius approached her about a suspicious sighting of outsiders, she fetched her spears.

Now the dark jackal walked in shadows, armed with the iklwa and assegai, slow in her approach as she traversed forest thick with new vegetation. The ground was too-soft in places, but the pressing branches threatening to tangle her long spear were her worst obstacle. When wood gave way to mortar and concrete, she relaxed.

When she reached her companions, she appeared fully at ease. Her eyes a dim firelight of their own, she looked to Scorpius.
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