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At an early hour the warrior’s dwelling came to life with the sound of muffled steps and leather rubbing against fur. In ritualistic fashion Kaeli donned her light armour, adjusting the straps of each piece until the dark leather fit like a glove. Once finished she sought Cain and readied him with saddle and bridle before taking off whilst the first rays of sun began to fall on the Village’s rooftops.

The scent of horse and manure overwhelmed the natural fragrances of the surrounding forest. Tall pines and spruce trees gave way to an open meadow where the pack’s communal horses were scattered about, grazing peacefully under the protective watch of the Thistle Kingdom.

Atop her large destrier Kaeli surveyed the area, searching for an adequate place in which she could practice her horse-back manoeuvres and cavalry skills. Next to the small pond the land stretched flat and barren, perfect for the exercises she had in mind. Only an old ragged-looking mare lingered closeby, keeping her distance as the rider came near.

Kaeli urged her steed into a relaxed trot, forming a large oval path which she repeated several times to warm-up the horse before commanding him into a canter. Kaeli released the reins to grasp a wooden training sword of her own making. Using only leg commands she signalled her mount to turn and charge, as if in pursue of a fleeing enemy. She then pressed her right leg against the horse’s flank and pushed back signalling a narrow turn. The edge-less weapon slashed the air as if to behead an invisible foe. If performed right the move would gain power from the momentum of the horse’s turn, turning a simple slash into a blow capable of beheading an enemy on the run. However, an error in timing afflicted Kaeli’s balance making the weapon wobble at the tip which compromised the accuracy and lethality of the attack.

Her lip twitched and lifted over a canine but no sound escaped her. With a soft kick she jerked her steed around and traced the oval course once more, intended in repeating the exercise until she got it right.

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Can you hear my voice this time?

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Progress with Dama came slowly. Scorpius had been able to help her out a bit, but there was still so much for her to learn, to figure out when it came to their care... and to riding them. The dog woman was not afraid of the idea of learning how to ride or afraid of being on the back of a strange animal. Both accounts could have been taken into account when it came to the black bear which shared her own home. The bear was not feared by her for turning its claws against her, and she had been on it's back when she was younger to help her in reaching higher places within the kingdom. Being along a horse would be not different.

Grievous had also made it clear about her being allowed to use the horse for her use, so that wasn't an issue either.

Idrieus led the large animal through the maze of the Ruins, taking it out further from its home. Even if she couldn't ride the animal herself yet, it would probably do it some good to prance around in some open space rather than just be refined to the small space it had at her home. Besides, there was no reason to try and get mixed in with Elphaba's mess.

Blue eyes moved as she thought she heard something ahead of her. When coming into view, there was a dark woman sitting along the back of another horse. Weapon in hand, she was practicing moving along with the item, striking through the air. Mounted combat. The idea had completely slipped her mind, for good reason. One hands rested along the horse's neck at her side, brushing it gently as she watched. While the other hand did hold the lead, it also rested along the handle of her rapier. Better to take no chances.

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There was no way of describing the feeling of power that came from sitting atop such a formidable creature. Cain was a large beast, strong to endure his Mistress weight and hard use. Kaeli's mother had taken great care to train him as a surefooted and versatile steed, but it was the daughter's work what had transformed him into a fierce war tool.

Destriers were not meant only as transport for the soldier but also they were weapons themselves. A riding horse would buck and flee where a warhorse would kick and bite, if charged against an enemy the war trained mount would defy its own instincts and trample the living obstacle to the ground. This and more advantages had compelled Kaeli to focus on mounted combat and seek the renown of belonging to the Kingdom's cavalry.

Clouds of dust arose behind the beast’s hooves as he broke into hard gallop. This time the warrior paced herself with the horse’s gait, waiting for the second beat to slash down and veer right on the third. This time the blade did not shake and the practice cut came near perfect. Success tasted sweet in her mouth and a smile spread unbidden across her lips.

In her focus she had not noticed the presence of a spectator, when she finally noticed the merle woman and her mount her ears stood to attention and her hackles rose instinctively. She disliked becoming the entertainment of someone else unknowingly, despite this she forced herself to wave at the stranger and command her horse forward to meet the other rider.

She donned her best solemn mask and ducked her head in customary courtesy. She dismounted to be polite, to speak down at the other from horse-back could be taken as an insult and Kaeli would rather cut herself the slack. In the end she still came over a foot taller than the dog and was forced to hunch slightly to keep herself from looking too domineering. ”Good day… I don’t believe we have been formally introduced. My name is Kaeli.” She forwent adding her rank since she was certain the other was her superior judging by bearing alone. ”Have you come to water your mare or to practice as well?” She eyed the bi-colour horse with appreciative eyes. A handsome mount, Cain seemed to notice as well and snorted audibly only to be shot a warning look from acidic eyes.
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