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Since things were going slowly in the pack, the Diglosse woman decided to take a few days to go replenish her atock on some well needed goods. The main being alcohol. She was no craftswoman, and as far as she knew, none of her packmates was versed in the arts of drink-making. So she took it upon herself to solve that problem herself. She set off one morning, only stopping to announce her departure to Talon as she passed her.

She knew where to find what she wanted, so her journey wasn't as long as she expected. Biff's Bar was just how she remembered, as as full as it usually was. The woman took a deep breath, absorbing the familiar smell of the dog's prime-quality brews, and of the food that they occasionally offered. She found a spot where a couple of horses had already been tied, and left Crassus to graze. The only things she brought with her were her wool cloak and a canvas sack, full of what would be her payment. She had broken her head trying to figure out what kind of payment she could offer for some good bottles. She had old, empty glass flasks, of course, but that wouldn't be enough. She didn't possess many valuable goods, just a few trinkets of little value. The only other option would be to make something herself. So, for couple of weeks, she went out of her way to hunt rabbits, fawns and as many small animals as she could. She would keem a small, smouldering fire, above which she placed the meats to smoke. She even tried to compare a few types of woods, to make the taste better.

She ended with several pounds of smoked meat, seasoned with a few herbs she had found tasty enough. Hopefully, this would earn her some good brews from Biff's collection. The sack was heavy, but she ,anaged to carry it over her shoulder and into the bar. The smell that clung to the fabric was strong, and upon entering she saw more than a few heads turning around to see her, but she ignored most of them. She distractedly gazed around her as she gave a few steps towards the counter. Spud or Biff must be around, she thought.
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Take care of the business. Rocky had nodded at the request saying it was no big deal but as soon as Biff and Spud were gone the weight of the responsibility laid upon his shoulders hit him. He restlessly shuffled behind the bar, moving things around and cleaning stuff that did not need to be cleaned. Luckily for him the day was a lazy one and only a few patrons came seeking their daily dose of booze.

After the initial apprehension the Mexican started to grow bored. Biff had forbidden him to get drunk while in charge and soon he grew tired of the drunkard’s small talk. It always seemed more enjoyable when he was wasted.

He had been trying to fight off a yawn when the door opened letting in the strong scent of dry meat. His mouth began to water instantly but it was the woman walking in who truly caught his attention. ”Well crap! Look who left her mighty pack to visit.” His tail wagged frantically behind him and his lips peeled back in a toothy smile. He leaned against the counter, almost laying on it as he beckoned Cairina closer.

”It’s been a while. What can I serve ya?” He asked eyeing the sack she carried, it seemed heavy. ”Really wanna get THAT drunk?” His laughter was like thunder inside the small establishment. He had truly missed her.

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So the dawg works at the alcohol bar? :o nuuu, he looked so innocent! ;D

The woman spaced out until a thundering voice took her out of her stupor. The stench of smoked only allowed her to smell the even stronger smell of alcohol. The glimpse she took of the barman did not sprout any feelings of familiarity at first, but when he spoke a wide smile spread on her face. "Hey, you massive brute!" She crossed the room on three jumps, despite the several pounds that she carried on her shoulder. She dropped the sac on the counter with a massive thud, and leaned forward to touch his muzzle as a greeting. Her tail was wagging profusely, and in a corner of her mind she compared herself to a puppy that was presented with a new toy.

The mexican man examined her payment while she opened her backpack to take out the bottles she had brought as part of it. "Nah, I wish, it's also for the pa...ack" With the clicking of crystal on the wooden countertop, something dawned on her. "Wait...why are you on that side of the...did Biff...and...?" Her look was one on confusion, and she started to gesticulate as she spoke, pointing at him and at diffenet points in the bar.

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He would have loved to embrace her in a bone-crushing hug but the counter was between them and he was certain someone would try and take advantage of his distraction to try and steal Biff’s stuff. Also Cairina seemed to be there for business rather than pleasure, he ought be professional for her sake.

”Biff had to attend some things with Spud. Left me in charge of the place in the meantime.” Whatever it was they were doing he did not know, but trying to guess had been the most amusing thing he had done in the past couple hours.

His red-brown eyes fell on the goods again and he cocked a brow at her. “What are ya tryin ta do? Get all yer new mates drunk or something?” He took one of the bottles in his hand and examined it closely, assessing the quality of the scavenged items. What booze are you looking ta acquire and how much?” The items she brought seemed good enough to be worth a couple bottles of the liqueur they had in stock and if he ended up undercharging her he could always pay the difference himself. Anything for his girl.

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Realization fell upon the woman as she saw the dog straighten up and answer her. Of course, the man had displayed a liking to alcohol from the moment she met him. He ought to become well acquainted with the bar. But becoming part of the crew? She didn't expect that. She grinned, knowing tha the exchange was about to get interesting.

"If you're in charge of the bar, let's get down to business then!" She patted burlap, feeling the soft meat inside. Oh, she was proud of the end product. And apparently, Rocky thought something similar. The thought of getting her packmates drunk made her giggle, because she could picture one or two of them getting wasted. "I dunno, not everybody is a huge drunk like us".

Cairina crossed her fingers as Rocky examined the bottles. She was sure that the crystal was sturdy. Hell, some of them had travelled with her since before she set foot near the area. She started to hum a random tone as he did his thing, interrupted only by his booming voice. "Hm? I hadn't thought of that... A bit of everything I guess?" She had tasted Biff's alcohol and knew it was both handmade and very good. But even knowing its value, he had to evaluate if her offer was worth it. "If you have a good amount of mead or spiced wine, I'd like a small barrel. Other than that, I'll take as many bottles of whatever else you can spare. If you show me what you have, I could choose myself."

Cairina was not that good bartering, but she was sure she could trust Rocky not to rip her off. He was one of the few people she fully trusted so far.

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”They are weak” He liked Cairina for being able to keep up with his drinking to some degree, very few could boast of managing such an accomplishment. Respect could be earned in many ways and Cairina had earned his with her tough liver.

He listened to her request while settling her payment across the counter. He hummed to himself and pondered the prices silently, a frown appearing in his large forehead. Glass bottles in such a good condition were rare and really useful, while food was always welcome by Biff who didn’t seem to leave the city to hunt all that often.

“I can hook you up with the barrel of ale and five bottles of whatever liquor ya want. We got wine, wiskey, moonshine, mead and vodka.” He would also add a small water skin filled with moonshine for the sake of their friendship, but this would be a surprise he would slip with the rest of the goods later.

The mutt grabbed the tokens of her remittance and disappeared inside the storage room to re-appear with the barrel held under one arm and the bottles of assorted liquors held embraced in the other. He set the items down loudly and looked up at her with an inquisitive lifted brow. ”I hope ye brought that horse of yours to carry this back cuz I dun’t think your thin arms will do.” He snickered giving her shoulder a playful nudge. ”Ya in a hurry to get away from this dump or are ya free to share a drink with me?”
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Cairina mused the offer, knowing it would be hard to find anything similar anywhere else, even with any of the other men who ran the bar. She knew the ale was delicious here, she had tried it multiple times before. Hence, she immediately agreed to his suggestion. "I'll have one bottle of all that you mentioned, plus the barrel" she smiled teasingly, "I'll have to be back in a couple of days but it's not bad." Of course it would last her, she thought. It seemed like her packmates weren't die-hard alcohol fans, and she didn't fancy drinking alone that much.

"Now" The female blurted out. She pulled a stool and sat as Rocky collected her ale "Again, tell me, how did you wound up behind the counter instead of on this side?" She was genuinely curious about her friend. Also, she was quite curious about other issues. "And how is Diogenes?"

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