Small Victories

AW, Fundy National Park.

POSTED: Mon May 07, 2018 11:04 pm

The girl's paws gently rose and fell upon the damp, dark soil. Her head was raised slightly as she took in the scents of the area. Woodsmoke had survived the winter, a feat some perished in trying to make. Though she did succeed in surviving, the girl certainly came close to death. Towards the start of the snow melt she was malnourished, barely able to find enough to get by. Now, however, Woodsmoke was starting to put on weight again. With the coming of the green came the animals that ate it. She was glad to snap up the little creatures, eager to devour their bodies. The world was a buffet once more, and the young wolf dog couldn't be any happier.

Curiosity was something she could indulge once more, and when her icy eyes spied a break in the foliage, she couldn't help herself but to poke a nose in. It was a small path, perhaps a game trail. It certainly smelled of deer and rabbit, showed signs of both too. She decided that she'd stick around this area for a while. Good sign of food, water was readily available. It was a good spot, but of course, such a place would be already know to, or found by someone else. That thought knocked her down a few, and a small sigh escaped her as she padded down the small path. Despite that nagging thought, she eventually took in the sights and smells of the place. It was nice to see a little green on everything.

The little things shouted their warnings above as she wandered through. Holding a small smile on her muzzle she found a small river meandering its way through. The bottom was gravelly, but the water was clear, for the most part anyways. She could see little shapes moving through it. These creatures had bested her before, and she decided they wouldn't best her again, not today. Woodsmoke stepped into the cold waters and waited. She kept he eyes open and waited for one of the strange water creatures swim near her. Her paws felt as if they'd freeze to the river bed, due to the frigid waters, but she was determined to make up for past failure.

Her eyes locked on to the shadow that swam underneath her. She could see the animal, sleek under the water, its mouth opening and closing a little, cheeks expanding as it did. It looked strange, but she wanted to catch and eat it. There was no way she'd let one escape again. The little thing advanced further up, under Woodsmoke's waiting jaws. She lowered her head, little by little, and then suddenly shoved her head into the water, mouth snapping shut. She lifted her head from the frozen waters and raised it high as her quarry squirmed about in her jaws. Clenching hard on the small, scaled creature she climbed from the river and laid her trophy on the ground to observe her success before sinking her teeth triumphantly.
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In his feral form, Diego felt as though he could keep up at his current pace all the way back to Inferni. He padded along at an easy, comfortable lope, his pink tongue lolling shamelessly from his dark lips. High above and all around, soft shades of green blurred by as he moved. Spring was in full swing and, though it was no comparison to the extreme heat and dry air of Ceniza Valley, it felt nice to Diego.

"I'm tired."

Diego thought to just ignore her. If he pretended like he didn't hear her, then it was almost like she hadn't said anything at all. He carried on, listening to the whistle of the wind in his sharp ears.

"I'm TIRED."

He didn't so much as flick an ear. Letting his feet carry him further through the forest, the soft soil squelching between his toes, Diego felt confident he could outlast her. Eventually, she'd get tired of repeating herself and stop complaining.

It was difficult to say how much longer he trotted on before, with a smug sense of pride, he realized that his companion hadn't said a word for quite some time. Turning his coppery head, Diego made to express this to Paninya when, with a shock, he realized that neither she nor Hocico were alongside him any more.

Giving a yelp of surprise, Diego slowed to a stop and looked around himself dumbly.


Meanwhile, at the river, two pairs of eyes – one dark and one slate – peered at the dark wolfdog from the forest as she dug her teeth into the writhing fish.

"¡Quiero!" the coati cried, standing on his hind legs like a tiny bear.

Paninya, meanwhile, lurked in the shadows and wondered if Hocico could distracted the wolfdog long enough for her to steal the woman's catch right from under her nose.

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OOC: Please don't mind the girl's thoughts. Woodsmoke is a very opportune predator, and will eat just about any small living thing she can bite.


Victory was small, but it tasted so good. The cold meal was different than the bigger animals she had taken down, different still from the tiny, furred creatures she managed to get her teeth into. Never the less this meal was a trophy and she was scarfing it down, tearing the flesh and crunching at the soft bones underneath. The scales were an awful texture on her tongue, sticking in the roof of her mouth in places. She caught this however, and Woodsmoke was determined to eat it.

However in her munching, her ears perked up to the sound of someone, or something speaking. Or she thought it was speaking. The girl didn't quite know the language, nor did she know what the creature was. The fish was limp in her mouth, partially eaten as she stared at the creature. She didn't know what she was looking at. The thing was like a large squirrel, yet looked little like them. The wolfdog dropped her catch and spoke. "Quiero?" She asked, trying to match the word the small creature uttered. "What... does that mean?"

Woodsmoke was perplexed to say the least. She knew some creatures spoke, but few so small and furred. Still, she gave them little time to say much when she snapped her jaws around their bodies. While it could speak, the mammal was small and furred, and therefore could perhaps be on the menu for the young wolfdog. "What are you?" She asked it. Well, she knew it could become food, but it just spoke to her. She would give the small thing a chance to explain itself, at least.
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Hocico seemed to take the wolf's perplexed expression for curiosity and, comfortable in the spotlight, the little coati chittered excitedly. Dropping to four legs, the creature responded to the wolf's questions with a repetition of the same word. "Quiero!" he chirped, rolling his weight from one side to the other and occasionally standing upon his back legs again. Years of working with Diego had given Hocico plenty of experience on how to entertain others. He began to move away from the fish, as though hoping to draw her away from it, all the while saying, "Quiero! Quiero!"

While the coati distracted the wolf, Paninya kept her eyes on the prize. Literally. She watched as it dropped from the wolf's mouth and looked at nothing else as she inched toward it. With the patience of a cat, the androgynous, little coydog crawled slowly, slowly, slowly toward the woman's catch. When she felt she was within reaching distance, Paninya lowered herself carefully to her knees and stretched forward as far as she could. And then, fingers splayed, she reached one arm out toward the fish and refused to breathe until the thing was safe in her grasp.

Somewhere nearby, she heard Diego's voice. "Niña!" The coydog froze, her body tense and her mood quickly souring. "Niña! Hocico! Where you at?" Paninya flicked a glance at the wolf. "Oye, ¿dónde están ustedes dos?" Diego was close. She had to act fast.

Snapping her body forward, Paninya clawed for the prize and cried out to Hocico to scatter just as Diego crashed into the clearing, his fiery eyes full of confusion at the scene before him.

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