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At such proximity, at such passion, each breath she drew seemed pulled from his chest, like a child’s game of pass introduced hot and misplaced into an adult’s court. Beneath that swell of passion, logic screamed and shouted and waved its arms from the back of his head, primarily unnoticed. At times, a whisper of rationality snuck through: Something doesn’t feel right, or, Why here and now?

And when she touched at his trousers: Do I really want this?

His mind shifted from passion and muse to low-scale panic at that same touch. He was inexperienced, he was awkward, and she the Boss. Boyish desires and sincere infatuation and a frank sense of professionalism all tousled together in his mind at once, resulting in a Neith that had momentarily frozen, at least until his hands fell gentle upon hers to pause them. He’d told her anything. He sensed to go back on it could be disastrous.

But he loved her. He truly did, with a genuine and foolish heart.

“Wait,” he said, trying to smile, trying not to hurt her. His fingers squeezed around her own. “Not yet. Not here. It’s not time. I’m... I’m sorry.”

Neith drew her hands from his middle and kissed atop each. He thought about answering her question. He didn't.

“Let me make it perfect,” he said. ”Everything has to be perfect for someone like you.”

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She wasn't expecting the hesitation, the way his fingers wrapped about her own to still them. As she'd come to understand it, men were relatively predictable in situations like these. They wanted; This wanting overrode their senses like a flood, drowning thoughts of concern or recalcitrance in the tide of lust and adulation.

It was for a woman to keep her head in passion, Elphaba had thought.

But there were his hands, the palms warm and warring. She let go of the band of his pants in surprise.

There were a crucial few seconds in which he needed to placate this unexpected turn of events, if he wanted to come out of it unscathed. The young Queen was as like as any other inexperienced girl to fall prey to insidious concerns, like shame or embarrassment at the idea of being spurned. What separated her from the chaff was how she might act on such things - Like a red star crashing to earth, destroying everything around its site of implosion.

Luckily, Neith was a clever man.

When he grazed her knuckles with his chivalrous lips she smiled, an uncertain wavering sort of smile, but the kind that wants to grow. "Ok," She agreed, as another candle went out around them - and another, and another. She would remember her unanswered question later, much later, but by then other events would consume her attention.

But nothing stays buried forever.

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