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OOC: Ok so um I raelly got carried away and went step by step with his pattern. You DO NOT have to read the REALLLLLYYY long paragraph of the steps. He just does a lot of punching and stuff :P

Theo was settling in nicely, he had gathered quite a few herbs and even administered some, the rest was being hung and dried. He had enough free time to do what he wished. Having an unsuccessful hunt that morning he felt he needed to calm himself so he did what worked best. He practiced his forms that his instructor of martial arts taught him. He learned early on it had been an old human art and it was adapted to a dogs physiology. They had taught themselves from books they found inside old libraries when the fall of humans happened and taught it down for generations. There were many who knew it now, but not the whole of his pack. Many thought it was useless but Theo liked the idea of being able to defend himself with more than tearing and scratching and to have controlled movements and thoughts in a fight. He had mastered up to what humans called the red belt before he ran from his home. Wishing he had gotten further he was no master, though he was competent enough that he knew exactly what he was doing.

He took a deep breath thinking of the form he wanted to do. It was a way of practicing defense alone, that seemed accurate enough, though he wasn't sure in what situation he would have so many attackers on him but it help him in many ways. Calming down was one of them. He decided to choose a lower belt form that the one he had been learning. He learned it tended to make him dizzy if he did it more than once. So he chose the green belt standard which was called Yul gok.

Starting out he had his feet together with his hands clasped left over right, where his left covered his hand. He had learned it as the right fist being aggressive and passion was his left which lay over top his right hand in a way of control. He held his arms out so his elbows were even with his shoulders. Taking his time he went through the steps in his head before opening his eyes and Throwing his left leg out in a sitting stance and his left fist was out in a quick punch. With that motion he bellowed a loud kihap, which came from his chest rather than just his throat. In a very slow movement he move his right hand in a slow punch and his left hand pulled back towards his waist as his hands met in the middle he let out a quick breath and threw his right hand out and left hand back. He did the same slow motion again with his left out to a punch and right to his waist only to go quick right when his hands met. With two quick motions he punched twice more first with his right then his left. Then he sidestepped to his right keeping his left hand out as a punch, his left foot meeting his right foot before he moved his right still in his sitting stance. He resumed his slow punch as his right went out and his left back to his belt until his hands met in the middle again. He punched twice again, first with his left this time, then with his right. He stepped into a 45 degree angle into a walking stance with his right foot to a mid section block with his right arm and right into a reverse punch with his left hand without taking a step. He then took another 45 degree angle with his left foot to do the same thing on the opposite side. And then he stepped to the side to face the way he originally was facing, his left punch still out and his right hand in a spear hand up to his cheek. He moved his right hand down to his elbow slowly and when it got to his elbow he threw his right hand out into a knife-hand strike. He closed his right hand into a fist and moved his left hand to his cheek and did the same thing. Then punched with is right hand without taking a step. He did step again after his punch and resumed the slow knife hand strike with his left hand again, to do it once more with his right hand. He threw one more punch after the two slow knife-hands. then stepped forward with a left punch and gave a loud kihap. He then pulled himself to make his left side face the way he started, swinging his left foot to his right foot and threw a high side kick. Stepped down with his left foot forward and as soon as he planted himself pushed his right elbow and his left hand into one another, making a muffled clap. Then he pulled his right foot to his left foot in the opposite direction to side kick with his right foot and plant that foot in front of him to do the same elbow strike with his left elbow. he then moved his left foot to make an L stance to the left of himself, and formed his hands in a guardian block, with his right hand over his head; hands open, and his left hand in front of his chest hand open. He stepped forward to a right handed spear-hand thrust. and turned on his left heel moving his right foot to the other side to do the same thing on the opposite side, where his left hand was above his head and right hand at chest level for his guardian block and his left hand doing the spear-hand thrust. He turned to the opposite side of where he was and threw a quick left mid section block, right reverse punch and then stepped forward for the opposite, right midsection block, left punch. He put his weight on his right foot, which was up front at the time and jumped about a foot from where he stood, landing on his left foot to face the right of where he was standing and his right foot very close just behind his left foot. He held his left hand up in a side midsection block. Stepping behind him with his right foot he turned to face his right with a re enforced forearm block. He stepped back with his left foot and turned on his right heal for the opposite re enforced forearm block and with that kihapped loud.

he was quite proud of himself though, of course, he practiced this form possibly hundreds of times. It took him less than a minute to perform and he was satisfied with his work. He knew he would always have to practice any and all of his forms for as long as he lived or he would forget them.

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Saga D'Angelo
Word Count → 2+ :: Out of Character text

'What are you doing?'

Her words rang out clearly in the open space, as a two-tone faced tilted curiously and chartreuse eyes narrowed in a mix of confusion and entrancement. Of course, she knew what he was doing. The male, Theo, was taking part in some kind of martial training. That she could guess as much from the punches and blocks. And she knew his name thanks to his mate, who she'd met previously, who she'd helped settle into suitable accommodation. Perhaps her question was redundant, in so far in the way it was phrased. Saga knew what he was doing, but not to a degree of specificity that Saga was comfortable with. Her insatiable quest for knowledge and understanding made sure of that.

The dappled woman had been watching the Redpaw male, as fantastically colored as she was, for some time before she chose to speak up. Whether it was polite or not to watch someone covertly, out of innocent curiosity, she wasn't entirely sure of. But she knew interrupting someone in the middle of a task, especially one that required concentration and recall, wasn't the done thing. After a moment of stillness passed after her question, she introduced herself to him with a simple, 'Saga'.

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