Men do not get lost, they explore


POSTED: Tue May 15, 2018 12:30 pm

Before long Rocky was utterly lost and wondering if his idea of visiting Cairina unannounced had been a good one after all. He had only a general idea of where the pack was located, so long as the coast remained at his left there should have been no trouble… however, he had managed to lose the coastline and with it his already questionable sense of direction.

The vegetation was so dense he couldn’t see beyond five meters in the distance. The scent of salt water that clung to the air was the only signal of the sea’s closeness, but for lack of even the slightest breeze the Mexican was unable to tell where it came from. Refusing to admit defeat he continued walking aimlessly, his backpack clinking happily from the pair of bottles that were meant as a gift for his dear friend.

After some time he stopped for a snack break, which meant he had a bit of jerky and a couple swigs of his personal liquor skin. Frustration made him impatient and thus he began a brisk march in a direction he chose simply on a hunch. Much to his surprise the sound of crashing waves started to grow in the distance and thrilled by his change of luck he rushed toward the water.

He came out of the woods to the view of a rocky shore and a large river disemboguing into the sea. His tail wagged happily as he took in the view. Now he only had to figure out where the borders were… He wouldn’t like to trespass accidentally or anything.

OCC: He already trespassed. Poor bab.

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