Men do not get lost, they explore


POSTED: Tue May 15, 2018 12:30 pm

Before long Rocky was utterly lost and wondering if his idea of visiting Cairina unannounced had been a good one after all. He had only a general idea of where the pack was located, so long as the coast remained at his left there should have been no trouble… however, he had managed to lose the coastline and with it his already questionable sense of direction.

The vegetation was so dense he couldn’t see beyond five meters in the distance. The scent of salt water that clung to the air was the only signal of the sea’s closeness, but for lack of even the slightest breeze the Mexican was unable to tell where it came from. Refusing to admit defeat he continued walking aimlessly, his backpack clinking happily from the pair of bottles that were meant as a gift for his dear friend.

After some time he stopped for a snack break, which meant he had a bit of jerky and a couple swigs of his personal liquor skin. Frustration made him impatient and thus he began a brisk march in a direction he chose simply on a hunch. Much to his surprise the sound of crashing waves started to grow in the distance and thrilled by his change of luck he rushed toward the water.

He came out of the woods to the view of a rocky shore and a large river disemboguing into the sea. His tail wagged happily as he took in the view. Now he only had to figure out where the borders were… He wouldn’t like to trespass accidentally or anything.

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The ocean was not a common sight for Theo. He had lived inland for most of his life and the first sight of the ocean had been with his mate Valeria. He loved the sight. The look on her face as she walked forward to see the moving ocean and the disbelief that there could be so much water. He too was surprised. He had shown it as well as she had but to see her standing in the sand as the water lapped against her paws was a sight he loved far more than that of just the ocean. Whenever he went to the beach now, the memory of her shock and awe was in the foreground.

As it was now that he was wandering the beach. He did his chores and he was getting the lay of the land. He followed the river to the south to find it filled the ocean. He smiled, seeing the mix of salt and drinkable water mixing. He could see the two colors collide, though they did mix he could see where one ended and the other began and wondered just how that worked. This part was something of a mystery to him. He knew so much about plants and what water to use with them, how hot it had to be to bring out oils in plants, but he knew very little about mixing of salt and clean water. It was baffling to him.

As he pondered this he heard rustling in the trees behind him. He turned to see a stranger. His hackles rose at once. He had not met everyone in the pack, but he was certain this man did not belong. He stayed calm though. He walked towards the man, wary in case he was likely to attack. The scent that came to him from the other male was not of his new pack and he bared his teeth at this. "You are trespassing." He growled, letting the growl linger. His hands were held out in front of him in a fighting posture.

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Luperci Mate to Valeria

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He almost jumped off his fur when a growl and an angry voice suddenly invaded the peaceful environment. His first instinct was to raise his hackles and snarl back but when the words registered his expression changed dramatically into a mixture of shame and regret. His natural lack of orientation plus his mild intoxication seemed to have led him into a more than awkward situation, again.

”Wait pal, this error, easy.” At that specific moment his English left a lot to be desired making him seem even more inebriated than he actually was. He backed away a couple of steps with his hands held high. His muscles tingled with the urgency to accept the challenge, but he knew he couldn’t. This man was most likely Cairina’s pack-mate and she certainly wouldn’t forgive him if he were to injure him.

”I just, t’was looking for a friend...” He tried to explain while he stepped away, unluckily choosing the wrong direction to flee, walking deeper into the owned lands. He looked around frantically for an escape route trying to remember where he had come from. “Mierda.”

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Theo did not back down even though the man before him showed regret. He should regret tresspassing. Theo was not thrilled with the idea anyone would not know how they ended up in someone else's territory. His eyes narrowed at the gibberish the other man was speaking. Was there something mentally wrong? Would that give him cause to trespass? It was a thought he wasn't sure about and that was what saved him. The dilemma of attacking someone who's brain wasn't working properly, that was not what he was taught. He frowned, though his eyes remained pinned on the other man, he was in his rights as a pack member in their own territory to a lowly loner.

As the man backed away Theo bared his teeth again; "Be that as it may, if you want to find a friend you call at the borders." He took steps forward, he was still in a ready position his eyes locked on the man, watching for telltale signs of the man coming throwing a punch. He was ready for a fight, though not one he truly wanted to end in bloodshed. "I don't know any one named Mierda" Of course he didn't he hadn't met everyone in the pack yet. Perhaps there was a person named that or perhaps it was a swear word Theo didn't know and he just made himself look like a fool.

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Luperci Mate to Valeria

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Luck seemed to have forgotten him that day. Defeated he halted and once more showing his palms in a conciliatory gesture. This time he took his time to gulp down the knot in his throat and think properly before speaking. ”I made a mistake, lost myself and noticed I had trespassed too late, I am sorry.” To emphasise his words he lowered his head and pinned his ears against his skull, a display of submission that felt as unnatural as it looked awkward.

When the angered pack male spoke again Rocky had to resist the urge to laugh out loud, the sentence resulting from the other’s lack of familiarity with Spanish was hilarious, but he couldn’t afford offending the guy any more.

”I was looking for Cairina, we met a while ago… I know.” He slowly reached for his backpack and produced a bottle of booze. ”This is moonshine was made in Amherst by a friend of mine, have it as a token of apology?” He offered the bottle and hunched some more, looking nervously around as he waited to see if the other would forgive his accidental transgression.

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