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POSTED: Tue May 15, 2018 3:17 pm

Baelish D'Angelo

Forward dated to beginning of June || +3

The trip back from the North had not been uneventful, and Baelish now found himself in a predicament. While he had come back triumphant with a new horse for the pack, he himself was a little worse for wear. He had gotten caught in some brambles just a few miles from home, and in trying to make sure the horse got through safely, he was not so lucky. His ankles were torn to shreds, stained with blood, and they hurt like hell; he was miserable.

After getting the horse to the stables, he went in search of a healer, and realized he had absolutely no idea where to go or who to see. He really had to take time to meet everyone in the Vale now that he had proved himself a worthy trader and scavenger. Limping slightly and leaving a drop of blood here and there, the D’Angelo male headed towards the heart of Winterwynd.

The small city here was beautiful, almost untouched by time in his opinion; humans really knew how to build things in aesthetically pleasing ways. Still, he was not sure where he was going, and just headed downtown in hopes that he might bump into someone with knowledge of the local healer. He still had his pack with him, heavy and laden with goods; he had not had the time to go to his humble home yet; his ankles were his first priority. But as he ventured deeper and had yet to meet anyone, he began to lose hope; had he come here for nothing? He daren’t call out for help, he was too proud for that…

Damn it all! Why had he not paid more attention to his father when he had learned first aid? This seemed like such a simple thing to fix. He reached down to scratch at the skin just beyond the cuts and scrapes; how they bothered him so!

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