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POSTED: Wed May 16, 2018 9:28 pm

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The Magnificent

He did find it nice to be settled down again, constantly traveling didn't agree with his digestion and it made it hard to work his way into beds when he was on the move all the time.

He eyed the broad that his brother had taken to mate as he briefly caught a glimpse of her, she was too hot for Andrew, that crotch sniffer had a strange funny look about him. John liked to think that he'd inherited their absent father's good looks. John was still certain that he'd probably drugged her or something.

If John were even more of an asshole than he already was, he might have thought about trying to bone his brother's wife but in fact, John did have some type of a bar set, no matter how low it was settled (and it was so low that John could have simply stepped over it). Brother's wives were off limit, so he simply huffed out and breath and padded off in the other direction, towards the river.

John was an obvious hybrid and despite his heavy coyote features, there was something of a wolfish cast to him, not that he really gave much thought to it; his parents had fucked because of a jacket after-all.

Next to the river he settled down to give his nuts the desired attention they deserve, quite loudly.

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