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POSTED: Wed May 16, 2018 10:29 pm

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ooc - Rated M due to Trinidad's weed. Located on the shores of Enigma Lake, where Trinidad is contemplating a swim.


The caverns were wicked cool - so much more intriguing than the D’Neville Mansion had ever been. The newly appointed Tirones had an adventurous time running through the slick cavern tunnels in his Lupus form, poking around spaces that turned out to be occupied by a disgruntled packmate, and eventually making a hot box in one of the - hopefully - unoccupied caves within the mountain.

But as fun as that little adventure was, Trinidad eventually became a little claustrophobic - if not slightly nauseous from all the smoke - during his stay in the dimly lit caverns. This prompted the coydog to enter the world of sunlight once more, exploring the territory around the caverns. It was a pleasantly mild day, with a gentle spring breeze carrying fresh air over the land. The coydog felt simply rejuvenated as he strolled through the territory. While much of the forest surrounding Inferni’s new territory bore blackened scars from the fires, the Casales could see that, while slow, Mother Nature was beginning to repair the damage.

A freshly rolled blunt remained between two fingers, the smoke lightly trailed in the air as Trinidad found his way on the edge of a cliffside. Which turned out to be easy enough to scale down, with a few bumps along the way, if any. As the Casales stood on the shore overlooking the dark lake, a brief but extremely stupid thought crossed his mind. The waters were indigo, almost black in color due to the lake’s depth. Yet the lake held an eerie sort of beauty that drew the Casales closer to the edge. Today was as good a day to swim as any, no?

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smoke the night away

The day had caught him in a lull of activity, the mild spring sun settling gently over his skin as he lazed up by the cliffside. While the work Inferni had in store was nowhere near completion, more and more opportunities for these sorts of outings cropped up; Ichabod took every chance he saw, this time creeping out to the cliffsides to take a breather from the daily grind.

The smell caught his attention first, pungent even with the spring breeze sweeping the area. The Scintillan peered down at the tri-toned man from his little perch in the rock outcropping above, scrutinizing the coydog’s ruffled appearance silently before speaking. The last batch of newbies had left him with neither good impressions nor high expectations and he was none too eager to have a repeat of the whole bobcat situation.

Luckily the male noted a significant lack of cat beside the other man. “Boo,” the coyote called down casually, inching out from the little cranny in the rocks and into the sight. While his tone hadn’t been particularly startling, he doubted the stranger had caught his scent with all the smoke in the air.

“‘M Ichabod,” he introduced himself, swinging his legs over the rock ledge and down to stick out a hand for the Cenizan to shake. “You new here? Man, you stink.” While his motormouth had somewhat stalled the past few months, what with the shift in the clan and all, the Scintillan still seemed to lack a dependable head-to-mouth filter.

Still, ignorance was bliss; not noticing the social faux pas he had just made, Ichabod eyed the smoldering roach in the Tirone’s hand and wrinkled his nose. Immediately Redtooth came to mind, green-eyed and with a matching pair of green lungs. “That grass?”

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