The young are restless


POSTED: Thu May 17, 2018 9:48 am

OOC - Dated: 17/5/18 in the Fort. Bored teenager alert.

If I can live through this, I can do anything

Cedric rolled his shoulder with a slight wince. It still felt stiff from the situation at the Church from a week ago, from the day the boy had shifted for his first time. Cedric didn't mind the tingle of pain, it was better than wearing a sling as he'd been instructed to do. He changes for the first time and the first thing to happen is getting his shoulder injured whilst escaping a collapsed building with his milk sister. Cedric had plans, not many, but he had an idea of finally being more useful once he had hands and walked like the adults could. But instead of rushing around, finding jobs and showing his capabilities to his family, the boy was stuck 'resting' following the instructions of Morty. She claimed he'd 'dislocated' his shoulder or something, and needed at least two weeks rest.

The kid had lasted only one, and figured the shoulder pain was close enough to the growing pains he'd experienced that he could ignore it for the sake of busying himself with something. His only issue now was finding that something. Cedric sighed, brushing his hand through the new tuft of hair resting on his head, and debated what or who he could go and help. It was irritating and confusing, seeing all the adults rush around with jobs on their minds, fitting into their places around the packs like the correct pieces of a puzzle. All Cedric could do was watch on as an outlier, just some growing adolescent with no real purpose yet. The snowy boy paced the outskirts of the Fort, following the direction of the stone wall that enclosed the pack's main hub of activity. Cedric remembered chasing the walls when he was small, how giant and imposing the stone looked. Now, with a few more inches, Cedric would stand equal in height to the Fort's walls.

As Cedric admired the wall, his toes scrapped across something brittle and cold. The boy looked down to see a piece of sandy coloured brick, fallen from the wall to be engulfed by the growing grass below. The young Stryder recalled a faint memory of himself as a tiny pup, trying his hardest to pick up a fallen brick in his mouth to replace back into the wall, determined despite how small he was to fix the hole. Cedric supposed now that he had hands, such an impossible challenge as a pup would be made simple now. To exercise his point, the young Stryder picked up the fallen brick, scanning the wall with his golden eyes to find the gap and replace the stone amongst it's brethren. Returning the brick to it's home sparked a little bit of satisfaction in Cedric, even if the job was such a tiny and insignificant one. Perhaps, for now, circling and checking the Fort's wall for any damage was as good a job as any for the young Stryder. At least until he could find something more meaningful to do.

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