Samaritan, Samaritan Be Good To Me


POSTED: Fri May 18, 2018 2:06 am

St. Croix highlands hear MV! She's in Lupus form.

Not a blade of grass wavered in the stale summer sun. Every thing was silent except for the low, distant humming of cicadas. Scents didn't cary. The sun blared with nauseating power that made every move take twice the energy it should. There was no tree cover for at least another mile, and the hilly landscape made walking an even greater challenge. Naomi hated days like this. Although she loved the sweet flowers of spring and the warm new life that came with a change to the warmer seasons, summer was something she dreaded. The heat made everything more difficult. Not to mention all the young, old, and weak prey had been picked off by other predators. Summer was for rabbits like bunnies and deer, not for wolves and dogs. Her belly growled with hunger and she wondered if shed be lucky enough to stumble on an injured bird or summer fattened shrew. Probably not today. She pushed her hunger away and trudged on though the grassy hills.

When she finally reached the tree cover she stopped for a moment. Shade was little relief from the sickening heat. She contemplated trying to sleep and moving again once night fell, but she didn't want to risk sneaking around unprotected in the darkness of a foreign land. She'd encountered a few strangers during her travels and none were canines she wanted to interact with. They were people without a mission, loitering through the northern forest lands. People traveling aimlessly were sure to cause trouble. When the though crossed her mind that she was also an aimless wanderer, Naomi convinced herself that she did have a purpose for her travels. She was on a quest to find something better than what she'd had in her southern home.

She wanted an adventure. When she started out on her trek she hadn't expected to slay a dragon or destroy an ancient evil or anything crazy like that. But it would have been nice to at least have made a group of plucky friends or to have been unexpectedly called to heroism. She Sighed and looked to the high lands before her. There was no way someone like her could achieve anything fun like that. In her month of travels she hadn't even had the courage to speak to a stranger. She stretched out of her resting spot in the shade and started walking towards the tallest hill she could see. What was she walking towards? she wasn't sure at all anymore.


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