[CdM] 9th Birthday Newspost

POSTED: Thu May 31, 2018 9:53 am

The Court is 9!

Happy Birthday To Us!

As the end of May rolls around the Court has turned 9 years old! Yay, we're officially tweenaged.

Farewell, Silvano

A lot has happened in the last 9 years and Silvano Sadira was there for a good chunk of it. Sadly the Sadira patriarch passed away recently. There will be a funeral and burial for family, friends, and those who wish to pay their respects out near Rabbit Lake.

Life Goes On.. It's Party Time!

You didn't think you'd get away without some sort of celebration of our 9th birthday, did ya?
Leadership will be hosting a pre-housewarming campout in the area marked for the new housing development, with food, drink and a chance for everyone to catch up. This is a chance to make our very first memories and have some fun in the new housing area as a pack!

Mini Contests Galore

To help everyone get into the party spirit we'll be awarding a couple of prizes to the participants who submit the most points. The points and prizes are listed below.

  • 1 post (300 words min) = 1 point
  • Word of the Day = 1 point
  • 1 thread (3 posts min per submitter) = 4 points
  • 1st Prize: Icon OR Title + 5 raffle entries + Name a Housing Building
  • 2nd Prize: Title of your choice + 3 raffle entries + Name a Housing Building
  • 3rd Prize: Title of your choice + 1 raffle entry + Name a Housing Building
Raffle With A Twist

But we're not stopping there! As a further incentive to participate, we're handing out this list of items to be included in your threads. For every use of the items listed, you will claim a slot in a raffle with the winner(s) receiving a silhouette icon by jasmae, paid for by your leaders! If we meet or exceed a certain number of raffle slots, we will add another icon to the raffle list.

  • An alcoholic drink
  • A lamp or torch
  • A fallen tree
  • A tent
  • Cordage or rope
  • A musical instrument (it doesn't have to sound good ;D)
  • Bugs
  • A goat

On top of these, every post submitted will also earn you an entry into the raffle.

  • An item will be considered included if used in a thread for the purposes of advancing the thread. Simply seeing an item won't count!
  • Items may not be used more than once per post by each participant in a single thread.
  • Multiple items may be used within the same thread, but must still follow the one item per post rule.
  • If we exceed 50 raffle submissions, we will add another icon to the raffle. One raffle prize per person.

The deadline for points and raffle entry submissions is July 5th.

Happy partying, birthday muffins!

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