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A warm breeze spread through Winterwynd, carrying with it the fresh scents of flowers, pollen, and clear water, ruffling the feathers around Felix's shoulders and the fur on his neck. Summer was bleeding into spring, and soon it'd fully take over, giving the Vale the warmth it so craved since its inception.

He stood on the steps of the tall church, adorned with his raven-feather and leather garb, waiting for the pack to join him after his rolling howl. They'd been together, been cohesive enough to start establishing their own traditions, and the sorting was, perhaps, his favorite. It was even better when there were so many new members, all ready to be placed into their respective houses. He'd had time to observe them, get their opinions and how they moved and thought, got to know them as a leader should his members. He'd thought hard about this.

The pack began filing in, and he grinned as the members in question arrived, as well. He gestured for them to come forward when the crowd filled out, and they stepped forward. He met them halfway, tail waving from side to side, and eyes sparking with equal parts excitement and mischief.

"How exciting!" he exclaimed, clasping his hands together as he looked at the four before him. Four new members of the Vale - though, not so new anymore, were they? Felix didn't think that they had quite this many new members all at once since the Vale was first founded. Things were picking up speed rapidly after the winter ended, it seemed. He smiled.

"Are you all ready?" he asked, gazing at each Crowstooth one by one. "It's time for me to read your mind - and tell me if I'm wrong - but I'll take a peek, and try to find where you may best belong!" Pleased with his silly little rhyme (perhaps more pleased than anyone had the right to be, really), he stood, eyes glittering.

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Felix's call had sounded out and obediently Saga heeded it. It had been a day or so she'd she'd be told that she had the honour of being the first member to grace the Gildepath. It had been with great toil that the dappled woman had swallowed her bubbling joyousness enough to appear calm and collected, fighting to keep the self-serving grin off of her two-toned face.

She filed in first, followed swiftly (impressively so) by her packmates. This "sorting ceremony' was a novel idea, Saga thought, she was sure whether the pomp and circumstance were entirely necessary, but upon further reflection, she figured it would do the Mistwalkers good to gather together and celebrate. She was admittedly eager to see her brother join her amongst the housed members of the pack in any case.

Once they were all assembled, Felix addressed the, soon to be former, Crowstooths, catching their eyes one by one as he recanted a cheerful rhyme. It was enough to make Saga roll her eyes in playful disdain, a smile toying on her closed mouth. She had to admit, this was fun. Her mottled tail wagged behind her, as she watched, and waited, in bemused silence.

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Baelish had allowed himself a few days reprieve after returning from his very successful scavenging trip to the North. He had come back to the Vale with a new horse, a beautiful paint mare with ghostly face. He had quietly brought it to the stables, not expecting any praise, for he knew eventually it would come to him. The young male didn’t want pats on the back, he only wished to build his reputation as a respectable trader and negotiator; someone worthwhile to Mistfell Vale. Of course, if he succeeded, it would eventually mean his climb to power; that was always the end goal.

When the Ravenking had called out, Baelish was quick to get ready. He donned himself in his best pants, a pair of Luperci made pleated slacks, and a clean leather vest clasped down the middle that showed off his developing male figure nicely. Even in the short month and a half the D’Angelo had been here, he had already grown leaps and strides over what he was. He chalked it up to good genetics, "Thanks, papa." he thought with a smile.

The trek to the center of Winterwynd did not take long, he was already getting used to the streets and their nooks and crannies. But the Ravenking did not await him in some dark alley, but instead proud and bright on the steps of the Old Brassard Church. Their leader looked quite stately with raven feathers lining his mane, and Baelish came to sidle up against his sister, his hands in his pockets and his pose relaxed.

He hadn't interacted with his King yet, but he knew that his reputation had preceded him. Surely Felix must know now of his deeds and misdeeds; he hoped that he would make the right decision in sorting him, though Baelish knew wherever he was placed he would excel. And, well, if Felix thought he was too big for his britches, there were always other packs... though he couldn't bare to think of leaving Saga.

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Optime | Winterwynd | NPC: Glade (+339)

“Oh! Oh! A sorting day?” Glade chattered eagerly as Ragna scooped him up into her arms. He had heard the howl, had known of the new members that walked amongst the Vale. It had been a little while since the pack had had any to promote up into the houses, the last had been done rather quietly from what the marten could recall. He had thoroughly enjoyed it when Felix had sorted the founders of the Vale, unlike his Luperci partner, who had been rather indifferent about the whole process.

“Seems that way,” Ragna grunted as she made her way out of the door of their home, closing it behind her.

Glade twisted his head around to look at her as she held him up against her chest so he wouldn’t be jostled. “Where think go?”

Her pace shifted into that of an easy jog towards the church. “Hnn. Only Felix knows that.”

Ragna slowed only when she spotted the familiar figure of the Ravenking and two others; Saga and one of her brothers, Baelish. The Eklund came to a stop before the stairs that Felix stood at the top of. As others arrived, she stood off to the side, helping Glade up so he could perch around her shoulders and watch the ceremony. He looked about to each face with eager, beady eyes, lingering a bit longer on those of the Crowstooth rank as he wondered who among them would be promoted that day.

Once everyone had gathered, Felix began with his usual, quirky ways. Ragna resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She could feel the bundle of energy ebbing from her mustelid companion as he shuffled his paws against her neck and shemagh. Some part of the ex-soldier wondered if anybody else thought of how strange some of the Vale’s ways were. She waited patiently amongst the rest of the crowd for the Crowstooth that were to be sorted into their houses that day to move forward to be given their house alignment.

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Valeria the Storyteller had no words for the pride that swelled in her chest when she discovered that both she and her beloved mate, Theo, were to rank up in the pack. Had it really been a month since their arrival here, thus securing her freedom from the misogynistic traditions of her old tribe? Indeed, it had been a few weeks beyond that, in fact. Valeria was, in fact, thrilled to find out that there would be a ceremony marking her stepping out of the initiate rank. Although her birth pack's traditions leaved much to be desired, she still treasured the culture and rituals of her people. They were a good people, but just trapped in an old way of thinking.

That morning Valeria woke early to greet the sun, and went on a long run in her feral body as the sun slowly crested over the hills and pines, greeting the world with a gleeful burst of color as it began to light the sky. She ended her run at Foxheel Point where she shifted to Optime and took a ritual bath in the river with Theo. The morning was full of glee, and her heart sang.

After the lovebirds crawled out of the river they shook off and took turns licking the dewy river water from each other's pelt, then dozed lightly curled up beneath a tree until it was time.

Now Valeria and Theo arrived at the back of the procession of Crowstooth ready to move up. She was hand-in-hand with her mate, who donned a cream colored loin cloth with some early embroidery, all hand-crafted by Valeria herself, and a pair of blue breeches that fit well, but had been fashioned out of scavenged fabric. Valeria herself was wearing an embroidered halter and knee-length loin cloth she had fashioned out of supple hide. She wished they had something more grand to wear, but they had arrived here empty-handed and she had done pretty good fashioning each of them a basic outfit. To feel a little more formal, Valeria had pulled the back of her hair up into a high ponytail, while long locks spilled around her face, and she adorned her hair with a string of blue beads.

She and Theo took their respective places amongst the other Crowstooths, and reluctantly dropped one-another's hands. The ceremony commenced, beginning with Felix's clever little rhyme, and Valeria fed off the palpable excitement in the room, an unwavering smile on her muzzle, her head tilted up with pride for herself and her fellow packmates.

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Felix called together the pack for the sorting ceremony, and Posey was among the most eager spectator in the crowd. She positively beamed, stretching on her toes to see the newcomers, the Crowsteeth (was that the proper plural, she wondered), make their way before the steps to the great old church. Less enthused but still curious, stoic Lyric sat at her side, casting side-eyed glances at any that might disrupt the old woman's view.

The bright-eyed elder lifted her chin with pride when Felix clapped his hands together, raven feathers ruffling at his shoulders, and said a clever rhyme. Pack spirit ran strongly through them, or Posey thought it did. Welcoming new members who had proven themselves was an occasion worth the pomp and joy, and she found herself wondering: where would these four go? Were any of them Elkenfreys who would stand beside her in her House? She wondered if the members of each House felt the same anticipation.


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At Felix’s call, a grin curled the corners of the Nightstag’s mouth upwards. With the influx of new members who appeared on the Vale’s borders during the snowmelt, the Crowstooth ranks had been nicely fleshed out. And now, it was time to divide these promising Mistwalkers into their respective houses. In past times, such sorting had been a rather quiet affair. It had been Felix’s idea to turn house sorting into a thing of celebration, and the sorting ceremony would hopefully become a regular tradition from now on.

While Calia moved swiftly, she was not the first to arrive to the scene. Wooden crook in hand, the shepherd resigned herself to keeping amongst the throng of her packmates, all whose attention was fixated on the Ravenking. Adorned in his fine feathered cloak and his leather collar, Felix was looking every bit the leader that he was. But Calia was pleased to see that fine garments did not change his behavior, and she couldn’t help but giggle at her leader’s rhyme.

Carmine eyes scanned the faces nearby - had the Nightlark brought Evelyn to the ceremony? It was easy to pick out the advancing Crowstooth members, for they were all situated closest to the Ravenking. Baelish was looking quite prideful - as he should. Though Valeria and Theo were more humble in appearance, the Nightstag could practically see the excitement fizzing from the mated pair.

Closest to her left was Posey, the elderly white she wolf. ”Quite a show, isn’t it?” Calia remarked proudly, setting the butt of her crook besides the crone ”It’ll be nice to have so many new faces to fill out the Houses.” The Nightstag was proud of every one of them, and she was very much looking forward to seeing what the new members accomplished once they obtained their House ranks. She was certain that, amongst like minded packmates, they would flourish in such a nurturing environment.

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Sineria showed up today with his grappling hook coiled up and hanging over his shoulder. He noticed the large gathering of people that he figured would arrive at the Ravenking. He wondered what was going to happen, but as he looked around and saw familiar faces again, he also noticed new faces and he felt nervous at this. So he crossed his legs and sat down where he was and peered up at Felix, and wondered what was happening. Felix’s smile indicated that there was certainly no trouble or threat about, so there was nothing that Sineria needed to fret over....yet.

Sineria looked around and saw people in fancy clothes, and felt embarrassed about not owning any in the first place. He didn’t see the need for something to cover his fur, especially now in the heat of summer. Then again, he usually just scavenged through places that humans resided in long ago, not to mention his knack for taking apart the stuff he found from those areas. Today though he felt like he should get out and the Ravenking's howl signified something new. So Sineria looked up at Felix and waited patiently for everyone else to show up to this surely momentous event.

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