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She did not once think that she would find herself fishing at a river again.

It was a good day for it at least, for the temperatures in the region finally began to dance more towards warm than cool. Though her coat would keep her protected from much of the variation, she preferred to lay out in the sun while it was out, and when it became too hot she would make her way into the river and swim off the heat.

It could have been dream of the past.

Her mother wanted her and Lotan to know peace. She used to ferry them off to the rivers as much as possible, and when her father had been around, they would meet him there and he would chase them through the shallows. Tiamat thought about this while the line of her rope pulled and slackened off the top of the stick she'd found. There had been no nibbles so far, and she doubted there would be any since her bait was only a bit of dried meat. It was a little fascicle since her injuries had mostly healed, but the others still coaxed her into activities that bordered idle, insisting that she had only healed because of said inaction. Tiamat agreed just to assuage their concerns; they deserved it, after all.

She clapped her thighs around the makeshift fishing rod and gave a large stretch of her arms above her head. The sun had been beating on her for well over an hour now, and she was beginning to feel the urge to go for a dip.

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These lands were uncertain and rocky, more hazardous than rock tempered beneath the heels of winds that rounded them soft over time and left only untouched in reaches where the maps had folded in, places sheltered moreso than the rest of a blustery, pitifully hot plain.

Hot was hot, though, plain and simple.

Barbs of sunlight bounced against his dark hair before nestling into that thick coat far-too-comfortably for his liking. Tsolin wished for nothing more than a breeze, even a little breath off the coast; the humidity made the sun's rays perhaps even a little more unbearable. When he had seen that the camp had lain idle, the mongolian was not one to object, and filtered off from the band to pace along riverbanks, to which he saw Tiamat's familiar shape, lounged and comfortable, perched at the shoreline.

Confused, he crept closer to investigate, eyes on the stick with string attached, which was dipped into the water.

Tiamat, he dumbly regarded, doing ill to ask the question in his tone. What is that?

There was a quick gesture with his head, misty eyes skewed in his perplexed expression.

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A breeze would have been nice, but company was just as good. She looked at Tsolin and made no effort to disguise the way her gaze traveled up and down his approaching figure. He never failed to wear the full extent of his wardrobe, or so she thought, and all the accompanying decoration. It was lovely in most cases, but now with the sun bearing down, it just struck her as hot.

Boring is what it is, she quipped as she picked up the pole and stuck it into the mud at her feet. Her ears folded back as she realized who it was she was speaking to - Tsolin, and Naji for that matter, had a tentative grasp on sarcasm. It's a fishing pole, she clarified.

Don't you get hot under all that? She asked as she stood, and as she stood she slipped the dress up and off. One minute she'd been comfortable, nearing the edge of too warm, and all of a sudden it was too hot for her own fur, not to mention another piece of clothing. Freed of her restraints, she regarded Tsolin with a hand upon her hip. In Onuba, it would have been seen as absolutely barbaric to run around in your natural form. Tiamat hadn't been raised with any such expectations - Krokar was a liberal place in that sense. Given Tsolin's attire and unique upbringing, she wondered if he might find her indecent now.

Her fingers worked to unravel her braids, and after a moment she tossed her wild curls over her shoulder. If he was uncomfortable, she decided, it was something he would need to work out for himself. Fish aren't biting, so I'm going in. You coming?

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Eyes, tepid and swirling tide, roved over the mongol's garb which weighed heavy with summer heat on his shoulders. Thumbs looped over the tie at his waist as he eyed the way the line bobbed and puckered the water's still surface, dissatisfied with Tiamat's initial answer, before the second made him nod. He'd never fished - never seen it practiced, outside of luperci-made nets trolled along the riverbeds from a distance, but the act itself still was regarded entirely as foreign.

And so he pretended to understand, lips pursed idly in pensive thought before he scratched dark claws along the coppery underside of his jaw, pale eyes turning on the woman once more as she prompted a question, and abandoned her quarry. Fingers balled into the fabric of her dress, before Tsolin had caught the motions of disrobing, and immediately averted his gaze respectfully, a short and gruff breath puffing out his nose in surprise as he instead opted to focus on the grasses, and the conundrum she so posed - Well, yes-

Back home, they had always worn something. Anything, really, around their waist, a preservation of modesty, for all that mattered. This was a new land, a different culture. The heat bore down on those shoulders more, and his lips unpursed, brows ticking up a little at the proposition.

I have never swam, he clarified, a hard edge in his voice, before he almost looked embarrassed by it, and combed his fingers into his hair. Unless, you will teach me?

Tiamat was an exception, he decided, bare and raw and fierce, and comfortable, and fingertips hesitated at a hem before the mongol shed of thick-fabric robes and his vest. Braids were tugged and combed free, the length of his hair crimped only by the trained nature of the style, but beads too stubborn to be tugged free from woven seats remained.

He had hazarded the thought to ask if the water was cold, before sucking air between his teeth and simply stepping in, going visibly rigid as the hackles between his shoulders raised clear down to the small of his back at the shock of it.

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