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Grabbing another bit of rubbish, he squinted one eye closed, he rocked his hand back and forth, worrying his lips, tongue sticking out as he applied his full measure of concentration upon the task at hand: because hitting customers as they came into the bar was indeed a perfectly normal thing to be doing, if anything it should be made into a standing bar game; ten points for heating the head, two for the chest, fifty for the groin, etc. It would be an absolute hit!

“You really should stop that. It’s impolite and improper behavior,” Benny commented, flicking a piece of non-existent dirt off the shoulder of his shirt, earning the male an eye roll from Frisco.

“Shh, I’m concentrating,” with his free hand, he brought up his joint, taking a long drag and enjoying the rush of euphoria that seared through him, his muscles relaxing and the grin upon his jaw slack as glassy eyes struggled to refocus on the task at hand. Seeming to register that there was no deterring Frisco from his cause of action, Benny sighed, picking up a few empty mugs and walking back behind the bar to do the work that Frisco was supposed to have been doing – but of course, he had much more important things that required his attention just then.

The door opened and without a moment’s hesitation, he tossed the piece of rubbish at whatever unsuspecting fool happened to be entering at that moment.

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The Magnificent

The journey here was a complete pain in the ass that took way too long if anyone bothered to ask his opinion. Of course no one was and there was the fukkin' problem right front and center. John shoved his hair out of his eyes and shouldered his way between two merchants having a nice conversation in the middle of the fuckkin' way. Move dickfaces, shit.

He pushed past the other bar-goers gathered by the door like idiots, move assholes. He rolled his eyes and in an act of agility so profound, it would have made the sweet baby jesus cry, he ducked under the piece of garbage threw at him, grabbed it from midair and launched it back towards the originator.

"Heads up, asshole!" He shouted with a grin, already bringing his blunt back to sit between his teeth's grasp.

He sauntered over to the bar, uncaring if his return fire had hit or not and parked his ass on one of the stools,

"That's sure a funny wait of treatin' your customers." He exhaled a cloud of smoke and leaned his elbow against the bar.

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