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000 let's just say that Tiamat has great strength and constitution modifiers, and not so great charisma

What do you want for this? She bounced the roll of twine in her palm, and gestured toward the bundle of furs hanging from her horse's saddle. How about some fur?

Fur's easy ta come by, the man grumbled. He was a large graying wolf missing an eye, but that certainly hadn't dulled his senses. That's useful, so ya better offer something useful for it.

Tiamat made a face. She didn't think fur was that easy to come by, though she supposed he had a point. It was why she had picked out the twine after all; a whole roll of it was incredibly useful for a number of activities, but fur was something they seemed to accrue in excess. It was times like these that she lamented the decision to return to her homelands. They had been wealthy after the desert, and then lost a great deal of it when they had to go overseas, and even more when they arrived in Portland. While they were still rich in many senses, they were not as well off as they had been. Such was the tide of life.

Helios snorted as someone passed too closely. He was a gentle horse, but the small market they'd come across was busier than one might've expected from the middle of nowhere and it made him uncomfortable. For a scene that hadn't been organized around a settlement, they had a nice variety of goods to offer and a myriad of ways to display it. Initially she had been on her way to Amherst to trade, and then she happened upon the tented stalls and blanketed spreads. She considered it good luck when she saw their wares were mostly practical, although she was beginning to have second thoughts.

What would you trade for these furs then? She asked, and the wolf gave a derisive snort.

Dirt, maybe? He smiled, but not nicely, and swiped the twine from her hand. Word of advice, miss, but you don't get somethin' for nothin', and them furs are a whole lot of nothin'.

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The wandering Merchant didn't have much in the way of trading on his mind today. It had been a long week of searching with nothing to show for it, and everyone in the small part seemed a bit on edge. Even the horses were tired of marching, though they weren't exhausted from the traveling. One could only fail so many days in a row before a break was needed, but Bygul and Ezra both knew that a break could mean a great deal of time lost. Even so, they were tired, hungry, and dirty. The white of Bygul's coat was twinged with charcoal on his paws, and Ezra's normal white shine gave way to a dullness that could only mean that a bath was one of the things on his list that needed to be done before they kept traveling. Now, he didn't stink of filth, but you could certainly tell where he had been and how long he had been there for.

Marbled gaze peered over the plodding drafts as the small trader's village came into sight. It must have popped up recently,” Should we take a look, my friends,” He spoke more to himself than the others. They knew he was going to take a look. A weeks worth of work mean that they needed supplies. It was best to get them on the road when they could, rather than going on another trading venture.

Moving through seemed to be a bit of a challenge, the makeshift paths not made for cart travel well. Ezra relented to pulling the cart aside, assuring the items were well guarded by Bygul and fastened well, and made his way a little bit at a time away from the cart. Bits and baubles were everywhere, mostly survival goods that Ezra had already gathered or could make himself. What he was looking for, however, was a bit of pelt. He hadn't saved any of the pelt he'd attained over time, trading every bit he managed for food here and there when hunting ran scarce where he traveled. It was mostly because the seat of the cart made his rear sting like a bedsore and it made the travel that much more difficult when his hips were stiff.

Just then, as he moved away from another spread with little luck, his ears caught a voice with the exact question on his mind. Marbled eyes shot up from the merchant spreads and to a woman of slate with the faintest hints of indigo and a grey male who snatched something from her hand. Well, he didn't seem very kind at all. Ezra's muzzle tilted for just a moment, a wrinkle in his nose for the distasteful way in which this merchant treated his potential customer, but much more could be done to sour his mood and brighten hers.

“My lady,” The smooth tones of a confident man broke through the crowd's voices as he neared her horse to take a look at the pelts that she had placed there,” You said it was furs that you offered?” He echoed what he had previously heard her speak and placed a hand on the furs for just a moment to test their quality, whispering lightly in horse-speak to assure her steed that he was no harm intended. Plush, though nothing fancy. Exactly what he needed. A smile broke his svelte muzzle as bright eyes found her and gave little mind to the coarse man at her fore,” I have a cart just over there,” A gesture of his hand pointed to the wooden, wheeled contraption that had two drafts tightly hooked to it,” This man has nothing for you in comparison to what I have to offer for these pelts. Fancy a look?” Offering a slight bow of respect to the woman who hadn't been treated with any before, he took a few steps away to give her time to decide between the two men as the Frithr danced at his chest. Clearly, he needed what she had to offer, and the other man didn't. It wasn't much of a decision in his mind, but it certainly wasn't his choice to make.
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