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The vague directions they had gathered saw them losing time only to curious trails and hunt and rest along the way. Pazuzu seemed to trust Lotan's decisions when it came to finding Tiamat.

Warm weather and long days brought with them a sort of childish delight that Lotan could not contain, and whenever able he was quick to shed all those things he carried and get down to his native form and native soil. The urgency of his task was not so great as to compromise the joy of a cool, cloudless day or those particularly damp mornings when sleep was all too easy to return to.

Once they found horse-trail, their pace changed.

...this far away, Lotan was complaining to his mentor. The jackal seemed to take this in stride, nodding and making noises as if he was listening. He wasn't, of course, but this was fine too. Ever since they had come across those strange flowers Pazuzu had seemed perturbed, and spent more and more time in his quiet meditations. Unfortunately, Lotan found himself struggling to contain himself when it came to things like thoughts and feelings, and expressed them openly in spite of this silent treatment.

He had a lot to tell his sister, and repeating it made his memories clearer and easier to replay.

Probably no one else out here, the wolfdog went on, rolling his shoulders against the weight of the hammer's shaft.

Perhaps that is why she came, Pazuzu said from behind him. His gray face was half-hooded from the sun and Lotan couldn't read his expression.

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It had been a while since she could go riding again.

Beneath a hot sun that took longer and longer to set each day, they loped across the stretches of shoreline until sweat drenched the gelding's back. She walked him for a time after that, and when the spray of the ocean had cooled them both, she brought him toward the winding dunes of beachgrass. They sprinted for the fun of it then, going nowhere fast.

When she saw them, everything else faded away. Helios kept going, and because her legs had been trained by instinct to hold on, she did not fly from his back.

Her dream had been so real.

She drew the horse to a halt when he rounded the last sandy mound, and then she stood up on the stirrups to get a better look. There was no mistaking the midnight hues of her brother and his mop of unruly moon-washed hair, nor his burdened mentor who stood at half his height. She tried not to shake as she dismounted, but the moment her feet hit the ground, so too did the gravity of their arrival hit her.

She didn't howl like the first time she'd seen Lotan again. Instead, she crossed her arms and tried to look mighty displeased while waiting for them to make their way to her. It was a mostly convincing image, save for the rapid wag of her tail.

You've got a lot of nerve showing up now, She called out, and the coastal wind helped to uplift her voice across the sandy striations. She dropped her facade once the two were close enough to be wrapped into a powerful hug.

Sometimes, she felt like if she held her brother tightly enough, it would make up for all the time they'd lost as a family.

What took you so long? She asked, looking between the two of them. Someone throw a stick too far? She grinned at Lotan. They weren't kids anymore, but they were still brother and sister.

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A rider appeared on the horizon. Lotan thought to rush forward, but contained himself as best able. His long strides carried him quickly towards Tiamat, while Pazuzu and Artoo fell behind, and by the time she was speaking he was nearly upon her.

He grabbed her tightly, sucking in the smell of her hair and fur and reassuring himself that she was whole and here. It had only been a few weeks since their parting but he often worried about where her travels might take her. Dangers lurked everywhere, as the desert and their ancestral homeland had taught them.

When he pulled back, his hands lingered on her for as long as she would allow.

Something like that, Lotan teased. We found something really strange--

What happened to you? Pazuzu asked of Tiamat more directly.

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