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POSTED: Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:04 am

He wasn't thinking about anyone in particular as he sulked at the near-empty bar on that muggy summer afternoon. No one who used to be dorky and fun (to pick on, just fun to pick on), but was now a parody of his former self. The dog gave a huff, although almost no one was around to hear it. For effect, he gave another one, bigger this time.

"Hmph." He swirled his drink around in his hand, deciding to down it in one go. Whatever. He filled it again - and downed it again. And so it went on the slow day until he was several in, and (surprise!) feeling better than he was previously. He finally glanced up from the wooden bar and scanned the building. Mostly empty but for a few stragglers here and there, but... ah, hello. This was when he noticed a fellow member of the squad in the bar.

"ROCKY!" he boomed headily, swaggering over to the other dog to give him a loud, almost painful slap on the back. Ecstasy-orange eyes took a minute to focus on Rocky's own, and the drink that was clasped in the Blackrust's hand spilled a little bit on the ground at Biff's feet. He gave the other a toothy grin, eyes narrowing in mischief.

"Rocky, Rockster, Rockin' bockin' ... hey, man, can you change your name? S'too close to Roxy's," Biff complained.

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POSTED: Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:09 pm

Rocky hadn’t even reached the 72 hour mark of parenthood and already he felt like drinking himself into oblivion. His eyelids felt heavy and his stride was lazy as he made his way to the Bar. The slender adolescent trailed behind him, trying to nip at is feet mid-step and making him stumble several times in the process.

When they finally made it to the establishment the Mexican’s knee was bloody from literally tripping over his daughter. He grumbled something along the lines of ‘behave’ before entering the gloomy place, his eyes briefly scanning the place before he made his way to the counter and his usual stool. It wasn’t long before Biff laid eyes on him and Rocky had to smile at his all too familiar antics.

”Yeh I should, what do ya suggest?” Perhaps changing his name would help keep old lovers from tracking him down. Also he was curious at what queer suggestions the Blackrust would make. At his feet Jamie began to bark, softly at first then louder, until her father looked down to meet her begging gaze. He sighed and reached inside his bag to procure a small bundle of dried meat from which he offered her a couple strips. She snatched them and began to chew happily. Food hadn’t been so accessible with her mother. She was starting to enjoy life with Rocky.

”Gimme something strong.” He said then, bracing for whatever Biff may throw at him after taking note of his daughter.

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