Tea in One Hand and a Pen in the Other

POSTED: Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:12 pm

One singular amber eye traced the various black splotches that marked the tanned pages of his journal. Each marking made a letter. Each Letter made a word. Every word made a sentence. Every sentence a paragraph, and every paragraph a page. In each page was an idea that had been tormenting the mind of the elderly sage. Ideas of freedom. Ideas of equality. Ideas of a brighter future. His kind had advanced so far but there were still those that would see it all thrown away.


Society has made great leaps in acceptance but those leaps were not universal. Religions competed for superiority. People killed in the name of God and goodness. Yet, could anyone who kills as an answer truly be considered good? Fenrir had struggled with this idea for a very long time.

He wanted to achieve a state of enlightenment but as these discrepancies approached the surface of his conscious thought, he found himself disturbed. So he sat on the shore. Sat and waited for his mind to calm.
Fenrir Lupercus

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John William Frost

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