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POSTED: Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:37 pm

OOC -pNPC: Isaac Coblentz - Halifax - Midday - Optime form

If I can live through this, I can do anything

Cedric couldn't really tell what he thought of the neutral lands. It had been something the boy had anticipated for a while, eventually being permitted to go and explore outside of Casa's territory at a price. He'd expected to see new sights, and he wasn't wrong, but nothing had that warm feeling, that sense of belonging, like the pack did. As the boy stepped further into the concrete ruins before him, he could feel the weight of Casa's scent being left behind. But not completely gone, for the smell of home lingered close by in the form of Isaac. He was the price, a responsible adult to go with Cedric whilst he got to go and see a place called Halifax. Honestly the young Stryder didn't understand why he couldn't go alone, Isaac was hardly responsible, if his rattling jokes and attempts to get the boy talking were anything to go by. Perhaps Cedric just felt a little jealous of the adult's physical strength compared to his own scrawny limbs, which were no doubt the reason he needed to be accompanied in the first place.

"Something on your mind kid?" The butcher asked, "You've hardly said a word beyond a few grunts since we headed out." Cedric glanced back to see the man's concerned gaze, debating if he should give a reply or not. The boy didn't really know what he had against Isaac, probably nothing. But he simply didn't know the pack's butcher terribly well, and from what Cedric had seen, the older man just liked to joke around, and try and get Cedric to join in.

"Yes, actually." Cedric mumbled, slowing his pace to match Isaac's, just so the other could see his frowning face as he spoke. "How did you get so strong? I don't see you doing much, so I don't understand how you get so tough, when I work hard to get stronger."

For some reason Isaac found the question amusing, holding back a scoff underneath a slanted smirk. "Ah, that's an... interesting question. I suppose I just eat well, and do my job, there's no big method to it." The older man eyeballed Cedric as the boy's frown deepened in disappointment. "Why, you in some hurry to get strong? Don't worry Ced, it'll happen eventually. You've still got growing to do, so why not focus on some other things instead? Like, for example, what do you think we'll find in here?"

Cedric looked around the collapsed buildings and cracked stone work, seeing nothing worthy of catching his golden eyes attention. "I didn't realise we were supposed to be looking for anything." The boy commented, a phantom pain in his shoulder spiking as he remembered the last time he'd explored inside some ruined buildings. The boy rubbed a hand along his leather shoulder pad, quickly pretending to check his armour and shield when Isaac looked to him.

"Well I'm sure a lot of things have been taken already, who knows how many have scavenged around here throughout the years. But we might always find some hidden treasure stored away! Say, why don't you go check that street there? I'll search around this bit." Cedric looked a little stunned at the proposition to split up, but the little smile to Isaac's face as he offered felt like the adult was intentionally giving the boy some freedom. The corners of Cedric's lips lifted a little as he nodded, eagerly walking off to explore alone. The wonders of these tall structures, broken or standing, were a wonder to behold. Cedric had seen the handiwork of canine building, and he couldn't imagine why and how they could build things like this. But it then begged the question, if canines didn't make these, then who did? And what for exactly? The boy didn't think too long on it, as he spotted a way into one of the collapsed buildings. These structures seemed similar to the homes in the Fort, only all connected together and built taller. One particular one seem to have what looked like a turret, half caved in, that led into a light starved interior. The boy wondered if Isaac's words were true, as the idea of finding treasure was something even a more serious hearted child like Cedric could get behind. But as he stepped closer, apprehension caused Cedric's feet to stop in their tracks. The young Stryder didn't want another case like the collapsed church back in Casa, he didn't want to cause any problems that would prove he needed the help and security of an adult. Cedric could be independent and cautious all on his own, and so the boy stood his ground, peering into the dark building instead of venturing closer.

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