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POSTED: Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:38 am

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There wasn't much to do save for patrolling. While the coyotes were overly friendly, they weren't aggressive either and there was only so much the group of five could talk about while huddled around a campfire. Part of him wondered why he hadn't just gone and picked the envoy to that other pack, the new one, Misty Vale or something. He'd have put money on his compatriots down south having beds to sleep and a roof over their heads. It wasn't as if he wasn't used to roughing it, in fact, he actually found camping to be quite enjoyable. It was simply the inaction of patrolling to be tiresome. The coyotes probably had reason to refuse to allow the wolves into their land, Mads didn't deny that, though he'd not heard of the reasons for it, but they could've at least sent someone out to hang with the envoy... Someone to spar with at least!

It was late evening when the Dane set out to patrol again, the crazy woman headed in one direction and he the other. Moon Moon at least was a great source of entertainment. Mads never knew was genre of insanity she was apt to peddle at any given time and that made for the most amusing moments of his entire life, never mind the entire trip.

Rødhest lazily cut through the tall grass, often swooping his great, curly neck down to grab a mouthful. Mads let him, the air was cool, but not cold, the stars were beginning to shine and the crickets were chirping below them. It was a nice night after all.

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POSTED: Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:54 pm

They slipped out of Inferni under the cover of darkness, one slinking along on four legs while the other lurked along on two. As quietly as they could, they padded across the terrain. Green though it now was, the scars of an ancient disaster preserved the horrible memory of smoke and heat and fire. "You sure he gone this way?" said the hushed voice of the Lupus-shaped shadow.

"Of course I'm sure," replied the other in a similarly hushed whisper. "Jeez, can't ya smell him?"

There was a clipped click of his tongue against his teeth and the reflection of the moonlight catching in her eyes revealed the flash of a look she shot him. He fell silent, she turned ahead, and together the pair crept on through the night in search of their quarry, intent on fulfilling their singular, mutual goal: to razz their visitors and have a little fun.

"There," the female figure whispered, pointing ahead at the grazing horse.

"That ain't no canine, Niña," the Lupus male shot back quietly, dodging the elbow she tried to prod him with. "That's a horse." His eyes scanned the scenery for the Sapien.

"I know what a stupid horse is, dummy," she hissed back. "I just mean that he's gotta be around here somewhere if THAT thing is hanging around."

"Uh-huh," the Lupus-shaped coyote replied doubtfully through a toothy grin, careful to step out of her reach before he continued. "You were prolly smellin' the horse the whole time."

The little coydog shot her companion a look of sheer unamusement, though her lips twitched upwards despite herself. "You're gonna feel real dumb when I find this guy," she promised, turning her eyes away from him to continued her search for the dark Sapien they sought.

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It was the snappy whispers that alerted him to the presence of another couple of souls in the very same vicinity as he was. With a nose full of joint smoke he was unable to sniff them out immediately, but upon hearing them he snuffed out the joint on a nearby tree and waited a while for the smoke to drift away on the weak breeze.

It was with an uncharacteristic grace that he moved through the brush, careful not to jostle the grass too much and betray his position. Luckily for the dark male, the repetitive chirp of the crickets underfoot did a good job of masking the sound. More bickering followed and Mads was quick to zero in on the direction it was coming from. With a wide grin on his face, he crept closer and closer behind them, eager to have his own fun. He stopped just short of them, coming up to rest at the base of a tree with a wide, flat canopy.

'Or maybe y'er gonna feel real dumb when th'guy finds you.'

Casually, he lit another joint, taking a deep drag of it before flicking ash onto the ground.

'Sure hope you guys ain't scouts, 'cause y' not doin' too well with i' by th' looks 'uh things...'

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POSTED: Wed Jun 27, 2018 12:18 pm

Slate eyes scanned the scenery ahead but there was nothing to see except for the horse. With a growing sense of frustration, borne from embarrassment at the idea that she could, actually be wrong, Paninya crawled a few steps forward. He had to be here! She had smelled him and she definitely knew that it wasn't just the horse. She narrowed her eyes, thinking that there was a Luperci-shaped shadow in the distance, and crouched low in the grass.

When Paninya moved forward a couple of steps, Diego crawled along on his belly after her. "Just admit it, Niña," he whispered cheekily to her. "You ain't smelled nothin'. Well... 'cept that horse." He grinned, knowing that he was succeeding at getting on her nerves.

"Oh, he's out there. You're gonna feel real dumb, Diego," she repeated, leaning forward while squinting more at that shadow in the distance.

As it turned out, the shadow was not the Sapien that they were looking for.

The voice behind them, impossibly close and very unfamiliar, caused both of them to jump visibly. Paninya sucked in an audible gasp while Diego yelled, "¡Ay mierda!" Both of them turned, eyes wide on the dark face of the Sapien, his face illuminated in a ghastly way by the brief flicker of firelight as he lit a joint.

Shooting a glare at her companion, Paninya cuffed Diego roughly on the shoulder. "See, I TOLD you!" she yapped, ignoring the yelp that he released as he knuckle connected with the flesh of his arm.

Shifting away from her, the large desert coyote gave his shoulder a lick to soothe it, then turned to the Sapien. "Yeah, Niña," he spat at the coydog, agreeing with the dark diplomat. "You ain't no good at scoutin'." He ignored the grunted complaint she tossed back to him and turned to the Sapien. "I'm Diego," he offered. "The wannabe scout's Paninya. You from that pack came by earlier, ain'tcha?"

Still salty, Paninya's arms were folded over her tiny chest. "Why are you even here?" she asked.

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A huff of smoke filtered out from the Sapien's mouth, lingering for a moment before it dissipated. Spotting his master, the stallion eagerly made his way over to him, giving the coyote duo a wide berth and a suspicious glance. A dark hand reached out and connected with the horse's broad face softly, sweeping up and down before digging deep into the shaggy fur of its neck. Mads snorted dryly at the pair's slapstick punch-up as he took yet another drag.

Fog-coloured eyes appraised the Infernian's, noting the small, wiry stature that both of them possessed compared to the dog heavy hybrid. Broader and taller, with a thicker coat and a solid build, although there were two of them, the Dane was confident he'd be able to hold his own if they took an offensive route. Though he was confident still they wouldn't make an attempt, he knew all too well of the clan's turbulent past.

'Mads.' he introduced simply, taking note of their names. Spanish? He was well traveled enough to recognised the exclamation the male had used previously. Spain was a long way away, however, so the Dane assumed they were most likely from the far south of the continent instead. Paninya, evidently still upset about being bested by the hybrid, took to questioning him and he answered without hesitation. "'Fosterin' relations.'" he quoted with a shrug. 'Well, tha' an' makin' sure y' don' jump us while we're here...'

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Paninya didn't understand why it was so important to other packs to foster relations with the clan. Did they pity Inferni, for what had happened in the months before she had joined? There had been a war, she was told, and the clan's losses were great. So great, in fact, that they had had to move their entire territory. Or perhaps it was opportunity which drew in other packs, first the Cavaliers and now the Sapiens, to the clan's skull-guarded borders.

Whatever the reason, the little coydog didn't like it. "Yeah, and how's that goin' for ya?" It was a rhetorical question, emphasized by the rolling of her periwinkle eyes.

Diego, on the other hand, was not no disagreeable as others in his clan. A mellow, jovial man, Diego had always been a more accepting individual. Perhaps it was his Cenizan upbringing. Perhaps it was because he could be a fool. At any rate, he was not one for blatant conflict... unless it was for fun and games.

Now that they'd been found out, the tension of stalking and spying faded from his limbs and he smiled at the dark Sapien. "Nah, we ain't about to do none of that shit, amigo," Diego replied, ignoring Paninya. Then, realizing that it probably appeared to the man that that was exactly what he and his companion were about to do, he laughed. "Not seriously, anyway. Niña and me was just havin' fun."

Now that that fun had quickly been squashed, and Paninya so grumpy about the whole thing, their interactions with the Sapien felt strained to Diego. Unlike his little companion, Diego had lived through the war with Salsola and he was not interested in things going sour with Sapient. He glanced at his little companion. "But we outta get back, , Niña?" He smiled back at Mads. "Letchu get back to patrollin and what-not."

Paninya shrugged but said nothing, giving the Sapien a final, salty look before turning on her heel back toward Inferni. Diego laughed apologetically, shrugging helplessly as though to say kids will be kids. She was still young and had a lot to learn about the world. "¡Hasta luego!"

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