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POSTED: Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:02 pm

Milos woke abruptly to the large, toffee eyes of his youngest son staring silently at him. "Papa!" Percival yapped with excitement, his tail a blur behind him. "You're awake so can we go now?"

"Percy?" Milos blinked. Children, he had long since learned, did not understand that the transition between sleeping and wakefulness took longer and longer the older one got. Furrowing his brows, Milos concentrated on pulling himself out of the depths of sleep and into the waking world.

Grunting softly, the Quartermaster shifted his body gently and leaned his weight against one elbow. Still groggy from the lingering effects of sleep, Milos rubbed his face with the palm of his other hand and, peeking out from between his fingers, he could tell from the dim light filtering into their room that dawn was still some ways off. "Percy." A yawn interrupted him. "Percy, it en't even mornin' yet."

"But you're awake, though," the child pointed out, the threat of disappointment in his voice. "And you promised."

Rising to a sit, Milos regarded his son silently. It was true: he had promised Percival that they would go to Piren when they woke up. His lips curled around an amused smile. "Reckon I did," he replied and feigned a stretch before falling forward suddenly, scooping the little youngster up in his arms amidst squeals of delight and half-hearted protests.

"Papa!" he giggled as Milos rose to his feet and carried him from the bedroom and into the heart of their cottage. "You pretended! No fair, Papa!"

Slipping out of the cottage and out into the cool, pre-dawn air, Milos gave in to Percival's lighthearted demands to be set down and closed the door behind him. Then, with Percy following after his father on clumsy feet, the two Parhelions departed from Fiskebyn up toward Piren.

When they arrived, the sun had broken free of the horizon and was casting a shimmering sheen over the surface of Black Lake. Set against the rising sun, a silhouette stood at the edge of a dock, a fishing pole in its hands. "Papa? Who's that?" Percival asked, hesitation in his voice.

Milos narrowed his eyes, but when the winds changed and blew the figure's scent their way, his concentration cleared and a smile broke across his face. "That'll be 'Seko, Percy," he said to his son. And then, in greeting: "Mornin', 'Seko! How're th' fish bitin'?"

Turning, Taseko greeted them with a kind smile and a nod. "I've had better mornings," he replied with a shrug. "But maybe my luck will change with visitors. Come and join me."

At the invitation, Percival wagged his tail and moved forward ahead of his father but stopped short of the dock, looking back at Milos with reservation.

OOC: Join Milos, Percival, and Taseko as they go fishing and (eventually) talk animism!

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