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Jonah and Marla had been gone for some time, though there was nothing unusual about this. Krokar was a place where exploration was encouraged and trade excursions were regularly conducted. Though many within the pack chose to remain close to home, there were some who enjoyed the freedom of traveling the territories of Nova Scotia while still having a place of stability and security to which they could always return.

If it weren't for his status as the pack's Quartermaster, Milos was one of those who could easily spend his life within the carefully patrolled borders of Krokar. But his role was such that he felt it necessary to depart from the pack from time to time, if not to hunt or to forage or to scavenge, then to meet with members from other packs to strengthen relations or discuss future trades. As it was, he thought that he could stand to do this more often and particularly to those packs on the peninsula. But travel to Casa di Cavalieri and Cour des Miracles was long and not without risks. With his youngest litter still largely dependent on them, it was this that gave him pause.

So when Jonah returned with stories of some new land bridge that seemed to have cropped up to the southern shoreline of Wabanaki Coast, Milos was distinctly curious. "Mind bringin' me down there, Jonah?" he had asked. "When you're rested good enough?"

"'Course! Like t' see it agin m'self."

Jonah only wanted a couple of days but Milos insisted on a little longer, if not to give the former sailor some time to recover than at least for the Quartermaster to pack and plan a bit better. So, five days after Jonah's return, the pair departed on their own two legs and headed southeast across Miramichi Wilderness and down through Wabanaki Coast.

Their pace was slow and steady but, after several long days of travel, the salty smell of the sea began to grow ever stronger. Before long, they could hear the waves crashing against the broken shoreline and, out ahead, the stony surface of land across the sea. "This is it!" Jonah said, pointing out ahead of them with his head turned to Milos.

"Well, I'll be," Milos murmured, sunny eyes staring out in awe at the landbridge before them.

OOC: This takes place at the edge of where Fundy Crossing begins. Milos and Jonah are just checking things out. Come meet them and maybe tell them a little about this new land bridge?

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