She likes long walks on the beach


POSTED: Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:41 pm

2. Maintain the “life preserve” on Whisper Beach by collecting a variety of shellfish or clearing it of debris.



A storm battered Casa in the night; she heard the heavy waves as they blasted ashore in the distance. The winds lashed at their Wetu and the trees around them, rain pelted in droves. Jace was only mildly inconvenienced when her child woke in something of a fright and crawled in besides her mother for comfort.

Her increasing fascination with the destruction wrought by the earth's fury drew her inward with a woven basket that she carried in her mouth as a secui. Storms always washed ashore something edible.

The crows and toher scavengers had beaten her to the scene. Some of the dead fish had already been stripped of their meat. There were shellfish though, scattered about from having been blasted from their rocky homes. She couldn't name most of them but knew they were delicious. The limping secui began to collect up what still smelled fresh into her woven basket.

Jace Wolfe

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