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The sun was falling in the sky by the time she returned to her camp, basket still clenched in her jaws and almost filled to overflowing. Darkness had taken huge pawfuls home to his own family. Jace was reduced to carrying things in her mouth without the use of her hands. Fortunately nobody had seen her and she set down her basket and shifted back to her optime.

She was serene as she moved about, staff in hand, and collected up what she needed to start a fire. The smoke rose up and floated away into the canopy above and Jace watched it closely, as if trying to see something within its depths that were hiding from her.

Not one to waste, Jace hardened the edges of spears and half made arrows in the hotter fire, turning them over and over to change the wood but not burn it.

As the fire settled, she began to place the shellfish in the coals at the base, where it was cooler and less likely to burn them. Jace coukld quite happily eat them raw too should circumstance dictate but she was quite partial to the smokey taste that the fire and goals imparted.

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