Taste of a poison paradise


POSTED: Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:38 pm

Helena Troy Lykoi


The nightmare woke her, a red paw coming to clasp at her breast and attempt to calm her leaping heart. His eyes had glowed in the dark, like raw wounds. It had not been since the war that she had felt such disquiet within her and despite the very early hour, she got out of bed and paced about her house.

Without the knife she would have been helpless, at his mercy. Her hands flexed and her claws clicked against each other, her jaw snapped shut on air. No, not defenseless but.. in a much worse position than without a true weapon.

Phobos came to her call, still living within their tower for he had no wealth of his own just yet. She commanded him to take her message, that she wished to accept his lessons of combat in exchange for a price he might want. She would met him at the training ring, later in the morning. Helena liked to assume she had a closer relationship with her good-brother, after time had passed and children born and raised and sent off to play with an uncle to keep them out of trouble.

It was not a normal thing for Helena to almost demand his presence.

Later, she waited in the training ring for him, tapping her fingers against the inside of her arm, wearing the tunic that Till had bought for her. She leaned back against the fence and tied up her riotous hair from her face.

Feel the heat of my breath
Hear the furnace in my chest
Helena Troy Lykoi

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