bleak rocks jutted early to mark our going

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The strange land bridge extended: miles of near-nothingness. Gulls flew low over the rocky terrain of shifting islands, gliding effortlessly on the salty air. Sunlight, unfiltered by tree branches, heated stones cooled only by the spray of water.

Many were spattered with bird shit, too, Dreyma noted. She curled her lip to avoid what looked like a carcass, when a pair of seagulls alighted and began to squabble loudly over it, indifferent as to whether the corpse was rotten fish or fellow malnourished bird. The dark wolf picked up the pace, trotting around the uneven ground and splashing through a tide pool as she caught back up with her sister.

“How long did you say the crossing has been here?” the Seigneur asked, green eyes staring straight ahead. Her grey paws fidgeted over stone, and she didn't look properly at Abigail.

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Word of the land bridge had reached Abigail, as had the knowledge that Kalypso had already used it to visit the new pack in the North. Abigail wasn’t overly bothered about not having gone on that trip. One of them had to oversee things at home and she had been preoccupied at best over the last few months.

The Sadira woman felt herself lifting out of that haze of grief which had clung to her like a fine mist. She was content for Kalypso to strike up relations with the Vale; she was not content to go without seeing this land bridge for herself. It certainly had the potential to make travel between North and South easier; part of Abi wished it had been around when she’d been younger and far removed from her family in Vinátta. There was no going back, though, and she was determined to look to the future.

The harsh cries of gulls bickering over some carcass made the woman’s ears fold back. She had little love for the quarrelsome sea birds, their foul attitudes and the spatters of excrement they seemed to leave on everything. Abigail only looked up to check that she wasn’t about to be the recipient of the next deluge.

Dreyma was a different story; even when her darker sister was clearly feeling something she wasn’t sharing with Abigail, the Archiduchessa worried for her.

Abi’s timber-tipped ears pricked up for a moment as if physically catching the question.

“Kalypso went North before the season turned,” she muttered, side-stepping a branch which had wedged itself against the rocks. “Not the most hospitable of places, is it? But it should help us maintain relations further North.”

The pale wolf’s head swung round to eye her sister with a degree of concern.

“What is it – ants in your pelt?”

The question was more direct than was the norm for Abigail but she had learned this year that life was too short for tiptoeing around problems.


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Driftwood clattered when Dreyma, distracted by her thoughts, did not manage to avoid the same branch Abigail did. She glanced at it as it splashed down into a small trickle of water that ran through the cracks in the stone; it smelled salty. “If the tides don’t fully cover it,” she said, dubious as to the land bridge’s integrity. She recalled easily the beach in Vinatta’s southern territory, the wildly varying tides.

She started to say more when Abigail turned to look at her, calling out for her distracted fidgeting. Dreyma’s eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed in a brief smile of amusement and fondness for her sister’s boldness. She sighed and jumped a tall flat stone, peering out at the miles of rocky land yet ahead of them.

“I keep thinking about the kids,” she admitted. “I know I said I wanted nothing to do with them once they were born, to make it easier for Skoll—he’s their real family—but I can’t help but feel… possessive.”

She swallowed. Her thoughts navigated a dark trail, one that strayed far from her values. Family and loyalty were important to Dreyma above all else, but a childhood pain coaxed her to run.

“I wonder,” she said, slowly, “if it’s not better if I separate myself altogether. I don’t want them to be confused.”

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Abigail’s eyes narrowed when her sister mentioned the tides drowning the narrow bridge of land; the Archiduchessa’s gaze was sharp as it swept up and ahead, as if daring the bridge to become submerged while her paws trod over its cracks.

Abigail had learnt a little of what it meant to let go of things this year. She relinquished her tight grip on the views she’d held as a child. Heroes had fallen and she had learnt to be okay with that – to an extent - but the tides were something she had no hope of controlling. They were the workings of beings far greater and more terrible than all the Stormbringers and Dawnbringers combined.

Not that Abigail could think of any member of her family as truly terrible. The dismay she’d felt when she’d learned of Dreyma’s decision had lasted a few heartbeats, maybe a night – and Abigail had blocked it off. She wouldn’t allow her selfish desire to have Dreyma around sully the support she wanted – needed - to offer her sister.

“Your body doesn’t know the decision you had to make,” the Archiduchessa remarked gently. “Sometimes our own minds don’t seem to know the choices we’ve made, either. I’ve heard of wolves who’ve lost their tails and could still feel them wagging...”

Her ears flicked back and she paused as a gull wheeled overhead. One paw lifted, Abigail levelled a look at her sister.

“Are you leaving?”


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A gull mewed and angled its white wings, gliding off again on invisible updrafts of salty air. Dreyma followed its path with acidic green eyes inherited from a stranger whose significance she would never know. She found herself wanting to fly, sometimes, too -- and it was a new feeling. Unlike her siblings, even unlike her mother, she had never wanted to leave home behind. It had never occurred to her to be so selfish.

Why did it consume her thoughts now?

Abigail's question made her flinch, and she drooped her ears, her mouth quirked in a thoughtful grimace. "I don't... I don't know," she admitted. Despite the Sadira woman's gentle words, she was terrified of her sister's reaction. "Leaving would be terrible, wouldn't it? The same thing that my birth mother did." Shiloh had condemned Grace for abandoning her twins, and for having the audacity to return.

But was it the same? She didn't know. She was afraid to know.

"I'm just not sure if I can trust myself if I stay."

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