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POSTED: Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:24 am

I'm sorry folks. ;__;

With the flutter of heavy eyes, the earthen Lykoi awoke from his slumber some time after the sun had begun shining through the holes in his tent. Greed shifted on the pile of hides and a groan rumbled from between clenched jaws. His shoulder was acting up as it did from time to time, a permanent reminder of his struggle avarice. With a sigh, Greed shifted into a sitting position and slowly rotated the aching appendage until the ache began to subside to a mellow throb.

There was bustle of cohabitants around an early morning fire. They group seemed to wake up around the same time, forming a routine from being around one another. [i]Innya![/b] Greed shouted, knowing the old lady generally woke earlier than most everyone in the camp. Innya. Greed said again as he entered her larger tent. I really need something for my shoulder. I can't properly slice up my enemies on days like this. It was meant to accommodate their herbs and other medicinal items, as she was their only healer. In all reality, once the day grew warmer his pain would subside, but the sin child could be a bit of a baby at times.

Upon entry, Greed stopped cold. The usually grumpy healer lay in bed with a peaceful smile on her face. She did not smell as she usually did, nor shoot a glare his way once he was inside. The umber Lykoi came close and whispered her name once again as he lift a hand to rest on her cheek. His stomach dropped when instead of meeting the other's warmth, he was greeted with the cold rigidness of his former pack mate. Greed dropped to the ground in defeat, still for longer than he could account. She was gone, swept away just as easy as a shell from the shore. The large male huffed in grief before tilting his head back in a sad howl, to alert the pack to the tragedy at hand.

He then remained, frozen before the fallen healer. What would they do now? What did they do with those that had fallen now that they had no spiritualist, no Angela or Angelo. For the first time in a long time, he felt like nothing but a child. He felt helpless. His spirits were crushed. The only solace he found in her death, was that it wasn't the war that had claimed her.
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POSTED: Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:31 pm

The grizzled wolf walked with a spring in his step, humming a chipper tune as he moseyed on around the camp. The morning dew felt great on his paws, as he smiled to the morning sky. His children were sleeping in a bit more, figuring out which form of their bodies they enjoy the most. His scars only ached a little nowadays, thinking to himself as he flexed his right arm. All in all, life couldn't be better for him right now. He had everything he wanted, everything he could've ever dreamed of. The wolf glanced to the small group surrounding an open flame, and he decided to stand there with them.

He saw Greed leave his tent, offering a nod to the young Quill as he walked over to Innya's spot. Listening to him absently call out to the healer, Lukos held his hands towards the fire pit, smiling softly to himself and the weight around his neck. Not much was said as everyone was still tired, but a howl from the medic's tent caught his surprise, and Lukos stepped over to see what was happening. "What-" he started to ask, falling short as he saw Greed kneeling over a still Innya. Lifting the canvas away from his face, Lukos stooped as he walked closer, a hand reaching out to check for a pulse. Looking down at the younger mix, the old wolf put his hand on his shoulder instead, realizing that another check won't change the outcome.

Knowing that everything just had to be going too smoothly, he gave a somber look to the Lykoi. One more of a bygone era lost to time. "How do you think it happened?" he asked Greed. Lukos wanted to make sure there wasn't a danger to the rest of them in their food or drink, though a likely factor was age, something that didn't bode well for him considering that the medic and Lukos were close in age. At least, her passing was far more peaceful than most they knew.

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