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OOC: Zuri's trying to find a home. Figured it would be a place to at least start. +300 words.

The Ruined Vasts, for all the splendor it had, had no living spaces. It wasn't quite what Zuri had imagined when Baelish explained to her it was a place of old stone structures. Well in all fairness he wasn't wrong. None of them had roofs save for the old archways that were still standing, and much of it was not even left standing. The archways would prove to be nice for when the bats needed a place to either hang during the day outside of a home she found, or even just a nice location to relax. There was still so much of this that was new to her, and even with the few interactions she had with those in her new home, it was nice to be secluded to adjust and gather her thoughts.

After already spending some time in the day, it was nice to be around at night. Wandering the streets of Winterwynd gave the pale woman more of an idea of what the homes were like here. There was never going to be anything of splendor like there was in the castle back home. Perhaps that was for the better. The royal family had prided itself on its home leaving the rest of those in Mortimer cast aside for other living spaces. Even so, there had to be something else than just the normal structure.

After much aimless wandering, besides wandering around the sides of the church, Zuri stopped outside one of the buildings. Perhaps it was just the location of where it was, being so close to the church, but there was something she had been looking for. It was clear the stones were worn by time, and any other pieces of the home were decaying. Stepping closer to the entrance, she pushed open the door, taking a look at the dark interior. This had to be investigated.

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As the skies above became streaked with brilliant hues of pinks and golds, Calia found that she could drop the cowl. The hood was helpful in shielding her sensitive eyes from the sun’s harsh rays, however she found that it became a tad warm during especially sunny days. But with the sun dipping below the horizon, the albino allowed her curls to spill freely, rather than tucking them in the hood.

Felix spoke to her of a newcomer who had arrived to the Vale’s borders a few nights ago. Of course, the Ravenking confided in his Nightstag of all the newcomer the Vale welcomed past their scent line. But one particular note of interest was that this Crowstooth presented red eyes and pale fur much like herself.

Of course, Calia was intrigued. She had only come across one other albino in her lifetime, when she had first made port in these lands and was still getting to know the territory. Memories of that foreboding castle still sent shivers up her spine. But the pale woman who greeted her was more curious than hostile, and it hadn’t necessarily been a poor encounter. Just a cautious one.

Calia had a hunch that the newcomer, should she truly share her condition, would be the most active at sundown. And sure enough, a pale streak working its way across the old Brassard Church proved her right. The Nightstag made no move to voice her presence just yet, although she took little care in treading lightly.

”Anything catch your eye yet, dear?” Calia spoke cheerfully as the woman finally paused in front of one of the empty households. The stone structure that Crowstooth peered into was in desperate need of some care, however its foundation was strong and sturdy. Compared to some of the other buildings clustered in Winterwynd, this home was fit for a queen.


As Calia drew closer, the woman’s lithe figure and scent tickled a familiar memory in her brain. It was the roses she adorned in her hair and the ruby brooch at her throat that made the Nightstag’s eyes fly open in recognition. ”It’s you,” Calia breathed, far more shocked than she was upset. For the Crowstooth that stood before her was none other than the same albino who greeted her at that shrouded castle many moons ago. Although she went by a different name back then.

”Are you Zuri?” Calia asked quizzically, raising an eyebrow. What reason could the albino possibly have for going by a fake alias? It wasn’t as if she were one to blend in with the masses.

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