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Now little more than crumbled outbuildings, the once thriving Orchard still remains home to a variety of livestock, the chickens mean and the sheep quick to run, perhaps this place will once more thrive with crops and animals with some tender loving care.

Going off the description of Hee Haw Orchid, Generosity is... making some attempt. Help her out? :D Open for one!

Her mother was the one who told her about the sheep that were roaming in a green field north of Winterwynd. They appeared to be wild, which was a completely unimaginable concept to Generosity, as they flocked without fences and startled when her mother had tried to approach them. She also made mention of chickens (again, wild ones, meaner and not as friendly as Primrose) but the sheep kept Gen's attention.

Given that cows were more difficult to keep their milk production consistent, sheep had been their main source of milk back at her old home. Lambs were born quicker than calves and a sheep's soft wool could be traded for things, too. Generosity didn't care much about trading and it was not why she was approaching the orchard. The sun shone brightly despite the looming gray clouds on the horizon, the threat of a summer storm that did not quite fully realize itself.

It was humid and Generosity desired nothing more than the familiar taste of sheep milk.

Unbeknownst to her, it was why she was so plump. She had been spoiled by the riches of livestock before and the idea of regaining some semblance of her old life motivated her to seek out the flock. She knew her way around sheep—it had been her job to herd them ever since she could run. It was something she had known how to do best after doing it for the majority of her short life so she had an air of quiet confidence as she snaked her way through the tall grass in her Lupus form.

All she had to do was round them up first.

It was easier said than done.

As soon as she was in their peripheral, the sheep began to run from her. Generosity kept up with them, barking and chuffing in some attempt to steer them in the direction she wanted them to go. They were terrified. The sheep back home were docile and followed where they had been pushed, but these beasts bleated like they were being hurt. It panged Generosity's heart but steeled her resolve with the idea that she could give them a better life than one of the wilds.

If the girl had anything redeeming about herself, it was that she was persistent and she had stamina. There were about fifteen in the flock, an unknown mixture of ram, ewe, and lamb, and it took some time to round them up into a cluster and to keep them in a cluster. What was most difficult, and Generosity hadn't thought about this ahead of time, was where to round them up to.

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Malfoy watched in with a frown, but felt baffled at the actions of the wolf in the distance. The male had been walking, just getting to know the land he now called home when the bleating had caught his hearing. Worried that some dangerous animal may be within the pack land, he had gone towards the sound, only to see the dark colored wolf chasing the sheep. What was she trying to do, scare them to death? Though he didn't know much about sheep, he knew enough that they died easily. Watching he did have to give her credit for having enough energy to continue even when it was apparent that there was no way to round the animals up. Twitching his ears, he scanned the area, guessing these particular beasts were wild, so there would be no pen for them. Seemed rather foolish to try and gather them in a group without a place to keep them. Catching sight of some wood in the distance he ran towards it, soon seeing it formed a old fence. It would need repairs, he could see some wood was laying useless on the ground from rot or maybe even strong winds.

Huffing he looked around again then ran to a separate area, more disused fencing, but in a little better shape. It at least had no way for the sheep to escape once they were there. Still, it too badly needed repairs, still it should suit the purpose of a temporary solution to the females goal. Malfoy was panting by the time he got to the gate and opened it after struggling for a few moments. Then he looked for the female and brought his hands to his muzzle "Hey! This way!!" he hoped his shout carried and didn't disperse the sheep before she could corral them inside the poor picture of a enclosure. For a moment he wondered if he should shift and help her chase them in, but by the time he changed she may already have the beasts within the old wooden fence. So he watched, moving so the sight of him would not scare the sheep, but that the female could still see the old surround.

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