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Without the watchful eye of Azzam, things were… chaotic. And that was likely putting it politely: for as much as Zam was an enabler of their madness, he was also the one the youngest duo sought to please the most, meaning that at the very least their stupidity was to impress Zam and didn’t generally impact the rest of their family, to which he could only assume they all believed was a blessing. He wasn’t as ignorant of his actions as others made out, but he definitely wasn’t as bad as Shakir.

After the fourth case of destruction in the shop, always occurring just as he’d finished cleaning up the last, the small hybrid was one hundred percent done with his shadow of a brother and needed fresh air: storming out of the shop, caring little for the mess he left behind (Shakir made it, so at least this time he could clean it up), a huge grin spread across his maw as he sighted Rami.

Running up to his sibling, he reached out, snagging his brother’s hand and pulling on it to encourage the male to follow.

“Come on Rami, you don’t want to go in there. Shakir’s on a rampage. Please, please, let’s go somewhere else, just for a while!”

Art by Furrirama

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