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The beaver had taken a risk today to leave the safety of the water and onto the land. He had come out when it was lighted as he had to find a suitable piece of wood now to patch up the hole in the dam. He also wanted to being some food back for his kits. There didn't seem to be any threats he could see so he came out of the water and began towards the treeline. He was slow on land but he found a tree soon enough. Little did the male know, there was a threat hidden in the forest.

The brown behemoth had been waiting in the bushes, his scent was overpowered by the seawater, ferns, and mint. He was a patient hunter and found that he often needed to ambush his prey as much of the time, he would easily be outpaced by his prey due to his large size. He found that his best option when alone, he would lie in wait and so that he had less of a chance of losing his prey. The chocolate and cream brute focused as he saw the beaver leave the water.

The massive medic got ready to jump, his powerful haunches gathering below his body as he got ready to spring. The beaver plodded towards the tree and when the time was right, the beast attacked. He sprang, his bulk crashing through the bush. The beaver had scarcely any time to react as the beast was upon him instantly. His lips lifted to reveal his ivory weapons as he sprang, his claws unsheathed and they grabbed the beaver's head and twisted. The beaver screamed before his life was ended in a twist of of the beast's head. The feral nurse rose to his full height and placed the beaver on the earth.

Iorek began to shift to his enormous Optime form since it was getting hot and his fur in his feral forms was very thick and even though his fur in his two-legged form was thick for the form, it was better than cooking in his halfling shape. The change took minutes as his body began adapted towards bipedal movement. His body reshaped and reformed, muted pops and cracks came from his body. Soon, he stood on two legs. Before he did anything, the beast began to put on the jewelry, all four necklaces and bracelets that he took off before the hunt. The wolfdog still had the bandages around his forearms and there were still feathers and necklace chains woven into his mane.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier was joined by a purple-eyed crow and a blue-eyed magpie that winged down from above. The beast was examining the beaver, thinking about trying to skin it by himself though he remembered Riley saying that it was best to skin it right before it would be cured or whatever the male did to the pelts. The beast was hungry though but he wasn't sure if he should wait until he got back to his pack to eat or eat now and catch more prey later. The scarlet-eyed Lionheart crouched next to the carcass, deciding whether or not he should try to skin it himself.

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There weren't many out there who could match Dandelion for size. It was just a fact of life that he had learned to live with. He was used to dens that were a bit too low, or slamming face first into the tops of doorways. So when he came ambling out of the undergrowth and saw a figure straighten to towering height? Well, it was a bit like being smacked upside the head with a frying pan.

They were the same height... or maybe the other luperci was a little shorter? It was hard to tell. But he was a bit broader of shoulder, a little tougher looking compared to Dandy's somewhat softer frame. He was real pretty in a kinda rough-edged way. All tan and brown and black. Dandelion was briefly distracted by all the jingly little bits of jewelry. They were real pretty. Maybe he should get some? No, he would hate it. He hated getting snagged in things, and having to worry about whether it would fall off when he was shifting. It suited the other luperci nicely though.

...It was well past the point that he should have just turned around and walked back into the underbrush. He really should go.

Dandy reached up to tip his straw hat back, wagging his tail a little shyly. "Hi. What'cha got there, bud?"

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Living in Casa di Cavalieri, Iorek found that many Luperci were close to his height or even taller, though many he seemed to outweigh due to his bulk and thick fur. The beast was no stranger to other Luperci being taller than him, though much of the time it was only a couple of inches, This would be another of those times. The beast noticed the man's approach, though seeing as the man seemed to be friendly, the beast didn't seem to notice at first. The marking on his eye looked similar to others he saw like Monroe, Verya, Buttercup, and others wearing. He wondered about it but not for long. The wolfdog did notice the thing the man wore on his head.

The other giant announced his presence soon enough. The massive medic looked up, as if noticing him for the first time. The beast rose to his feet, not looking for intimidation or for a fight but simply to be the same height as the man. He was still inches shorter though he smiled, though unconsciously took a step in front of the beaver's carcass since he worked hard for that. The two giants were similar in size, though the brown behemoth was more broad shouldered. The grey giant seemed to have more of a belly and was marginally taller than the beast. But, the feral nurse wasn't threatened by the man since he rarely was. It probably helped that the male had light green eyes and his fur was greyish black.

I-I c-caught a-a b-beaver, the crimson-eyed Cavalier said and looked back at the carcass. He didn't know what else to say about the subject. J-Just d-deciding i-if I-I s-should s-skin i-it o-or n-not, the beast added with a shrug as he looked back at the man. I-I'm Iorek, o-of C-Casa di C-Cavalieri, the scarlet-eyed Lionheart added.


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Someone help my boy, he doesn't like being by himself.

"I'm Dandelion Damaichu, of..." he looked around them, at the tall green trees and the quiet waters and he didn't really mind as much as he thought he would when he said: "... of... here, I guess."

Even at his age he smiled with his entire body. Just a little bit of wiggle to his wagging tail, a little extra bright perk to his ears. Like an honest child. "My friends call me Dandy, you can too!"

He paused in thought.

"And you gotta skin it, if you want the hide to stay good. Ain't it kinda wasteful not to?"

Dandy normally was content to let others do the talking, but it was clear he'd have to do more to keep the conversation going. And he did want to keep it going. It was lonely being a loner. Who knew? He missed having lots of luperci around all the time. Sometimes he dreamed that he heard talking in the distance, and then he would wake up all by himself.

"Came for a rock." He said cheerfully, with a little bounce in place. He pointed to the time-smoothed stones near the edge of the water. They were perfect for pounding out dried hides, since they didn't have rough edges to mess up the skins. "Didn't expect to find anybody here today."

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Iorek's tail tried to wag as he met the male who was obviously friendly but it's bobbed state prevented much movement. He recognized the surname, Damaichu after having heard of it before from his pack members. They all shared a similar eye marking that the beast thought was as unanimous as the name they shared. His understanding of surnames was relatively low since he didn't have one and being as feral as he was, he didn't understand it to a certain degree. He didn't question it though but it had taken a while for him to even realize that Luperci that shared the same last name were related. I-I've m-met s-some D-Damaichus b-before, the wolfdog commented.

The massive medic's interest perked as he heard that the man told him to skin it. The beast didn't really know how to skin, he normally left it to Riley or ate the prey whole. He knew that skinning was the removal of the fur and had seen his boyfriend skin animals before, though the feral beast didn't use knives so the process was considered impossible for him. It would be helpful if Dandelion could skin it for him since the beast would be able to eat it and the Rockateer male would have less work to do. I-I d-don't kn-know h-how t-to sk-skin. R-Riley n-normally d-did i-it f-for m-me. the feral nurse replied.

The man commented that he had come for a rock and wasn't expecting to meet others here. From the crimson-eyed Cavalier's own knowledge, they were close to several northern packs including Krokar and Mistfell Vale. The beast could tell that this man was a loner, and looked well-fed. When the male had been a loner, he had been starving and barely able to hunt for himself. Still, packs were an important part of life. A-Around h-here a-are t-two p-packs, Kr-Krokar a-and M-Mistfell V-Vale. the scarlet-eyed Lionheart said helpfully.

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Dandelion Damaichu

Well, no need to wait for Riley to do it! Dandelion already had his skinning knife out, a half-moon shaped blade of chipped stone and wood. He barely even waited for Iorek to agree - he was all too eager to show off his skill. Dandy had so few skills worth showing off, and so little opportunity to have an audience.

Dandy slid the knife up the length of the beaver's belly, splitting the skin without nicking the flesh. He circled the paws and around the neck, and the base of the tail. After that there was very little knifework involved. Not so long ago a fur trader let him carry her stuff for a few weeks, and he'd learned a some tricks that made him lots better at this part. Instead of cutting the fur off, he wiggled his hands under the pelt and started peeling it off, using little passes of the knife only when he absolutely needed it to free the skin from the flesh.

He made his tools by himself. Even though he messed up a lot it felt right. It was probably the first time in his life he had done something like that without being told to do it. For the first time in Dandelion's life he did something right, for once all the pieces fell together. It felt like... for once he wasn't getting there last. Like this was something he could do as good as anybody.

The skin pulled free in one solid piece, without any rips or tears. Perfect.

Here. Dandy said, passing over the skinned carcass. The smell rushed up his nose all coppery and sweet, with a hint of musk from the beaver... but he had things to do. It was always like that, like his work grabbed hold of him and didn't let go until he was done.

He wasn't even paying attention to Iorek at that point, already in the process of chipping down a small sapling using a hand ax. "Did'ya say something? His words were almost an afterthought, coming from somewhere far away.

Dandy shaped the sapling into a hoop, tying it off with a little strip of leather from the little pouch at his hip. This part he knew better - it wasn't long before he had the hide "stitched" to the hoop, pulling it out so that it wouldn't dry all wrinkled. With the fat scraped off it would stay nice. For a little bit, anyway.

You're gonna need to get someone to fix this for ya, or it'll get all rotten and gross. He handed it over without hesitation, and only then did the other giant's words penetrate his thick skull. There was a lot of stuttering in there but he got the gist of Do you want something for doing that? Uh, no that's alright. I was just helpin' a new friend, that's all.

To be honest the offer of repayment alone was already a reward in itself, making his tail a blur of happiness. He liked making people happy with him.

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Iorek wasn't about to disagree, since Dandy seemed very eager to help him and it would be less work for Riley; it would make two people happy. The beast observed the dark wolf as he skinned the beaver, always curious and wanted to see how the male did it; he rarely saw someone else skinning a kill before. The man seemed very skilled and used a technique that the beast had never seen the archer use before. The hybrid didn't skin his prey; he normally brought it back to Casa di Cavalieri or devoured the kill, pelt and all. But, the beaver pelt was of particular importance to the jackal trader as he could use it for clothing or as a trading commodity. So, the wolfdog always tried to bring the beaver back to him with as little damage as possible; though he had given in and ate the beaver a couple of times.

The oversized hybrid's bobbed tail tried to wag as he saw the beaver pelt that was perfectly skinned; he wasn't very intimate with clothing, but knew that it was good to have a clean pelt. He knew that his boyfriend could be a perfectionist at times and to see that the beast would be able to give the tailor an already-skinned pelt, he thought that it would make his day! The chocolate and cream behemoth smiled as he gazed at the pelt.

The crimson-eyed Cavalier's head tilted as he saw the rest of the steps the giant went through, which was fairly confusing to him. What was he doing with the pelt? He didn't question the man's actions and instead observed the task until the peculiar contraption was handed towards him. He picked it up gingerly and listened to the male as he basically heard "take this to Riley and have him figure out how to use this". The beast would have offered the loner the beaver as a sort of payment for his help., but he was kindly turned down. The scarlet-eyed Lionheart smiled and said, Th-Thank y-you s-so m-much, D-Dandy.

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