Walking a tightrope

- Khyren

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River Grim
Silence make the demons come alive.

After rescuing Abaddon from the clutches of evil, things seemed to swing even further out of control. Kalfou had been poking and prodding, pushing his ideals onto her. He had begun to see her as weak and not be respected. Despite her ability to kill two full grown male Luperci, with the dark child's help, the demon seemed to have found a niche to root himself deeper within her. With Lux's influence, she had begun to surrender and the dark energy enveloped her like a warm, comfy blanket. River would not allow a wannabe demon tell her she was weak, she would not allow him to degrade her. She would prove him wrong.

Allies, or so her father said. Casa di Cavalieri, the pack The Order decided to reside by because of their kind nature and selflessness during the war. What made them so kind, so selfless? River was curious. After Minerva came by the camp unannounced, River thought she might do the same in a bold display of false friendship. A voice in the back of her mind, called for help, with the demon that plagued her. Outwardly, she screamed violence and mischief. A large grin was splayed across her face, and narrowed, dazed eyes focused forward as she marched towards the border.

When she could smell the potent combination of Cavaliers at the border, she stopped and began to walk along the invisible line without crossing it. River wasn't stupid, but she did tend to bite off a little more than she could chew a times. What is it that calls you here child? It's dangerous to play with fire when you're standing in brush. River chuckled and shook her head dismissing the spirit with the wave of her hand. I'm here because I want to know what's so great about the Cavaliers. The Order speaks highly of them, but the girl that came to camp before Maelyx left, she was anything but strong. There was a madness in her eye, but she held herself with all the grace in the world.

Hips swayed as she sauntered along the borders, tail tipping from side to side as she walked. The demon's content growl rumbled in her ears and she could feel his maw spread wide in a grin. So be it. It seemed she had awed him with her bold display. Perfect.

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Table by Kitty, edits by Nuki, art from Deposit Photos.

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time is valuable thing, watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

The dark huntress patrolled the borders aimlessly. She felt that they needed checking in on and put her own scent there are well to freshen them up and mingle her scent into the scent of Casa Di Cavalieri. Emerald shards gazed about her surroundings. The sun was high. Her fur burned with the heat. Today she wore a leather chest plate that she fashioned herself from a deer pelt. Her hair was tied back in a braided bun with some stands of beads hanging down in her face. They clicked and swayed with her confident strides. Armed with her knife and her own brute strength, the cavalier was a formidable character. Muscles rippling beneath her battle scarred pelt and dappled in light that bled through the leaves above, she walked with grace and power in every step.

The tall woman could scent a newcomer a little ways off. Her nose was not as sharp as most, but she could pinpoint a scent from others in the lush summer forest. Spotting the loner, a female like herself, Khyren showered her pace and walked along the border in a calm approach. "Who might you be?" She asked. The womans voice was low, but feminine with a faded Russian accent. Her face was expressionless and she remained stoic in the presence of the loner "You are offly close to the border..." Her green gaze one of suspicion and blazed with fire-like intensity.

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Casa di Cavalieri
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