dark eyes on a dangerous face

POSTED: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:43 am

Her and Bardi went far.

There was something in the Court that had her insides rumbling – a vibration that had her on edge no matter how often she wandered the packs borders or inspected the space beneath her creaky bed. Solomon worked with the horses in his silent way – but he did not make friends as she had expected him too. He was too quiet, too morose, a quality that had followed him all the way from Onuba.

She wondered sometimes if he didn’t belong here – but she didn’t have the heart to tell him.

Solomon loved her and that was all that mattered. She had watched him protect her for her entire life, stand up for her against Mother, against Lucian. Odalis had done everything in her power to soften the man out, to buff his edges and have him come into his own... but somehow still he had managed to surround himself by stormclouds.

The dark horse dropped its head to graze as she leaned back in the saddle, propping her hands against his wide flanks.

It was so quiet out here, so peaceful. Here she didn't think of the coyote boys that paraded sneakily through her thoughts, nor the oily Tenebriso man that had followed her all the way from Onuba. Odalis swayed atop Bardi as he adjusted his weight, leaning to pick at tender shoots of fresh grass.

There was no construction, no creaking building, no crying children to wake her from nearby wind-whipped rooms. The pendant nestled against her throat gleamed as she tossed back her head, the rich auburn of her curls catching at the waning sunlight.

She thought of the poppies that Neith - no, Rust - had sketched in his book and compared them to the blood-red sun that began to drop behind the Halcyon. She pulled a cigarette from her saddlebag and lit it so that the ember burned bright between her hands, and she held the smoke for a long moment in her lungs before allowing it to billow dreamily from the corners of her lips.

She smiled softly, "Look at that Bardi," everything was silent and pristine, "It's beautiful."

Odalis is getting sentimental as the sun sets and will soon be making camp! Want to join her? She's headed North :>

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