Summer slowdown

POSTED: Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:38 am

Hello my friends!

You might notice a little bit of a slowdown from me as the summer wears on. Work has been bananas and, since I work 10-hour shifts, I have little time (or brain function) to post during what little free time I have after work. I tend to play catch-up on my days off (Thursdays and the weekends), but with summer here, I have other activities that pull me away from my computer.

To help me not feel terribly overwhelmed, I'll be trying to keep the amount of threads I have per character relatively low. KR-related events and duties will be taking priority, so I apologize in advance if it takes me longer than usual to reply to a thread. I'll definitely try not to keep anyone waiting too long, but I appreciate your patience and respect if my replies are slow! <3

I will be dropping Diego del Bosque as Inferni's disbandment date approaches. If one of your characters has a thread with him, I would like to start wrapping those up if we could. Please DM or PM me if you'd prefer to OOCly close any threads with him, or any other characters of mine you have threads with.

Thanks everyone! <3
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POSTED: Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:51 pm

You gotta do you to keep your sanity! :D <3
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