[M] Looking through the rust and rot and dust

POSTED: Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:35 pm

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Squat, blackened-brick buildings with empty eyes and mouths for windows and doorways leered at Clover as she walked past, her claws clicking on the hot asphalt. She trotted with her head low, eyes shifting to the shadows in the alleyways and under cars, then turned down a road cracked with dried grasses. In the distance, the husks of old timber houses rotted under all-consuming greenery, and the black church stood stark against the cloudless sky.

Flies buzzed over a stagnant puddle in the drive. Skirting it, the dog stepped into one of the open doorways, watching the ceiling open up in the main chamber. The pews and pulpit long since turned to ash, the room was spacious and echoing – and would have been intimidating if not for the makeshift firepit in its center, the crosses dangling here and there. A leather sheet waved quietly off in front of one room, and Clover approached this hesitantly.

“Jhiral?” she asked. “Are you or your birdbrain there?”

His scent—one enough to set any canine on edge—seemed recent, but Clover still sat down in front of the sheet nervously. She told herself she was here to check up on the coyjackal, who lived away from the clan but was still a member she should care about—but the truth was that she wanted to get away.

The stench of medicine and blood and rot in her nostrils, she wondered if she was better off just staying in the damned city.
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