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Pack Thread | FD: July 16th

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Optime | Bathurst (Government Estate) | Fore-dated: July 16th; early morning (+1,409)

[SP] Disbandment

PACK THREAD, set after this one.

All pNPCs are present. The remainder of the pack’s membership is also assumed (thus, why the thread is not mandatory). There is no posting order. Reminder that Miwa’s true killer is not known.

There will not be a second round. This thread will be Sapient’s last Pack Thread.

NPC dialogue is ambiguous to set the tone of the pack questioning their leader’s actions and if he really worked in the pack’s best interests or his own selfish ones.

When Nivosus had finally made an appearance at the gathering on the day before, not surprisingly, it had not gone well for him. Stirred up by the conspiracy-like—but valid—suggestions made by the young medic, Asura, the pack had practically pounced upon him. The thereafter events of the Moineau leader being locked up had probably been in his best interest. It protected him as much as it did soothe those that had suddenly been turned against him with the news Asura had brought to everyone’s attention. In the time since such chaotic events, the pack was left to go their separate ways and digest all of the information and accusations that had been brought forth with Leonardo’s untimely demise.

At sunrise, it was agreed that they all would reconvene at the Estate to find out the majority opinion of what they should do with their Sagax.

Asura herself had been somewhat unsure of the final conclusion that she had come to. Part of her worried that her judgement was clouded by the death of Leonardo and her desire to give him justice by finding his killer. The evidence highly suggested that, if anybody were to have a motive, it was Nivosus, and his conveniently late arrival and then his blatant dismissal at the accusation of his actions did not bode well for him in her opinion. Combined with the other points she had overheard one of the other say in the bar lounge, the Sagax was looking less and less capable—or worthy—of handling the position of responsibility that was entrusted to him.

She had seen to Leonardo’s body after everyone had paid their respects. With a help of a few others, they had buried the master blacksmith so that he would not be ravaged by scavengers. The act had only made her feel more strongly in that she had made the right call with gathering the pack...even if—only when she had awoken that morning—she realized what the consequences of her actions would be.

The Domus Faber had made her way down into the main hall where everyone would meet. Even inside the Estate, the air felt hot and muggy, uncomfortable as the topic they would discuss. As the pack gathered, Asura let her turquoise gaze shift over their faces. Some looked tired from a restless night, others were grim with their decisions, a few wore heated expressions. She wondered if they all realized what their vote would mean that morning.

Once everyone but Bartolv and Vepar—both of which had gone to retrieve Nivosus from his makeshift holding “cell”—had been gathered, Asura decided to get the meeting started. She cleared her throat, taking up a position higher up along the main staircase so that all could see and hear her. In reality, it should have been one of the Consili ranks, Shaamah or Naenia, that should have taken charge, however, since she had started all of this chaos, she felt it was her burden to carry it through.

“When we met yesterday, it was because of the death of one of our own, Leonardo. He was in possession of a treasonous note that shook our previous understanding of a conflict that happened two years ago. Compiled with the unexplained deaths of other members in this past year and our Sagax’s late arrival and subsequent dismissal of the note’s validation, we agreed to disperse so that we might be able to form our own opinions of what is to be done and what we are to believe. This morning, we meet to decide the fate of our leader and Sagax, Nivosus Moineau.”

Her gaze shifted over the crowd, “In turn, what say you?”

“Like someone said yesterday, it was—is suspicious that Nivosus was absent during the duration of the retelling of what the note said. Nivosus could have very well been using that time to wash Leonardo’s scent or blood or otherwise from his fur and clothes. I won’t speak on Miwa since she was found at the border, but Marne’s death also happened within the pack territory, and too close to home when none of those cartel members ever made it past our borders that we know of. I think he is guilty of killing at least Leonardo and Marne. What will stop him of killing more of his followers to silence us from blemishing his image?”

After a beat, another made their statement, “We lost Diarmid and wrongly fought a group of Loners because Nivosus stole their horses and killed one of their own. He then lied to us and made us believe the Loner’s were at fault. He’s no leader of mine.”

From the back, someone added, “Miwa would have put her own reputation on the line by writing that note too, so it must be true. Tierney, Ruari, and Kadir were all conveniently gone when this note surfaced. We all know that Tierney would have killed Nivosus the second she found it too. Maybe it was Nivosus’ handiwork, who knows. I want answers though before I pass my judgement.”

Optimistic, one member tried to break through the traitorous words of their packmates, “Nivosus has never steered us wrong before. He may be drink a bit, but, he has never shown any hint of violence towards his own. I do agree though, I would like to hear what he has to say first.”

A snarl. “Are you kidding? Where was he at when the cartel hit us? Guzzling down a bottle. Where is he at any time there is an issue? Drinking. Tierney and Naenia had to take charge and bring Rowtag and Hibiki home to us. Nivosus drinks too much and spends too much of his time selfishly and being absent from his duties. He is no longer fit to be our leader!”

The floor was opened up to the next to speak where they stood in regards to their leader in question. Some offered a simple statement of what they felt or wanted to be done with the Sagax, others listed off a slew of wrongs or points that—they felt—made Nivosus unfit to be their leader any longer. Of a smaller minority, there were those that believed the man to be without fault, and that the note was something crafted by Tierney or her family or another that despised the Moineau leader and wanted to see the end to his reign.

When Asura had felt that a generally shared opinion was formed, she called for everyone’s attention once more. “Alright then. It seems a number of us agree that the note is suspicious and worth Nivosus’ personal version of the truth behind the Dark Horse Conflict. It also appears that, while a good majority of us drink and like to have fun, we also understand when it is time to be serious. Nivosus, does not, and will, at least, be charged for failing his pack when we needed a leader most. And, finally, in regards to the deaths, Nivosus is—currently—suspected of killing at least Marne, and—”

Her words stopped as she noticed Bartolv appear at the edge of the gathered group. His face was tense, as were his shoulders. “Bartolv,” she greeted, her turquoise eyes searching behind him for her uncle. “Where are Nivosus and Vepar?”

The Huntsman looked at the other Sapiens gathered in the main hall. “He’s gone.”

Asura’s brows furrowed. “What?”

“Nivosus. He’s gone. He looks to have escaped sometime last night. Vepar is searching for him now.”

There was movement at the edge of the crowd, causing Asura’s gaze to become distracted from the news that Bartolv brought about his father. Keir?”

He turned, his eyes with fire in them as he wrenched open the Estate’s door. “That bastard shouldn’t be allowed to run away from this. We need answers. I’m taking a note from Shaamah’s book and going to go find him.” With that, he turned and made his way out into the city of Bathurst, a few others following readily after him.

Sagax Nivosus Moineau would never be found though. Like a captain abandoning his own mutinous ship, and without a leader, the ship and its crew could not continue to sail.

The pack had been doomed for disbandment the moment the traitorous letter had been discovered.

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