You heard the call as you walked away


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➧➧ "KO!"
⟿ Word Count: [300+]
⟿ Date: July 13th
⟿ Time: afternoon
⟿ Form: Optime

Since the dark huntress had rejoined Casa Di Cavalieri, she had done nothing but work. Maybe sitting down to rest in between doing work inside The Fort, patroling the borders, or hunting--the woman was working herself to death. Having not slept in over a week, plagued by nightmares and stubbornness, Khyren was determined to prove herself a valuable member of the pack. Her work was simple but tedious; repetitive movements, brute work, maintenance. The only thing that required real brain power was when she was hunting or doing delicate and important work. A few days in without sleep she then only focused on the brute work. She only hung out with Munroe once since she rejoined. She didn't have the time, with all the things she wanted to do and all the things she had to do.

Returning to her dorm, through the gates of the fort she walked. Her head was low, the sun burned her pelt, her eyes glazed over with tiredness. Tail limp behind her, mane unwashed or braided; beads had started to fall ojt or become tangled in hazardous rats-nests. The woman had just returned from a patrol of the borders. It was uneventful, as usual. She carried a sword from the armory across her shoulder, just in case she had encountered some hostile intruders. Mind blank as a slate, she hurt all over from soreness. She had been properly eating, drinking, and taking rests when she felt was right, but what she needed was some old fashioned, classic, sleep. Unfortunately, it was to late for that.

In front of the court house, she stumbled slightly. Breathing heavily all the sudden, the large female felt her joints buckle beneath her. Blackness flooded her gaze as her eyes rolled back into her head. The sword slipped from her grip and fell at her side with a clatter. Collapsing onto her side roughly with a small grunt--she lost all feeling and control of her limbs and her ears buzzed with the flying wasps of her ignorance. The battle-scarred woman was out cold and fell deep into unconsciousness.

I hope that you catch me 'cuz I'm already falling

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