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OOC; Kept the general location vague, just in case you had a particular place in mind

Oh how long it had been since he had last set some time aside and gained the assistance of another in the act of having a sparring session, the last time in which Ares had done such a thing was so long ago when he were still a part of the artisan pack known as Cercatori D'Arte - then Midnight Shores when they all relocated to their island home - and with his sister and best friend. Those had most certainly been good times for the most parts and of course they had always known just how to push each other on the few times in which they spent time with the other. But that had drastically changed a short time before the period of his life that were one of solitude - naturally with exception of the handful of times in which he had interacted with another, whether it had been individuals or a group.

But now was as good a time as any to change that; especially taking into consideration that he had spent more than enough time amongst his fellow mistwalkers and within the lands in which they had come to call their own that it were about time he made some sort of effort to sharpen whatever fighting skills he may have. Which in certain aspects were certainly limited, namely the more feral ways and more hand to hand - sure he were capable enough to defend himself where needs must but not without prolonged risk to himself or any other where he could not sufficently do what was needed.

So it had been with these thoughts in mind and a somewhat hastily made plan that Ares went in search of some form of suitable area in which to put his intentions into motion, leaving Arte to happily graze in an area where the stallion would be happy to remain for a time before himself heading towards the outskirts of Winterwynd in search of a suitable place to begin.
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Ares will usually be in his Optime form and will often be seen wearing a clear quartz arrowhead necklace unless otherwise stated.
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