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Brocade knew little about the packs that surrounded them. He had learned a few things from the mottled girl that lived in Mistfell Veil, and the red-haired woman he had met at the Tavern down south – but as a soldier he felt best when protecting The Kingdom. He scouted as often as he could, patrolling and ensuring that the scent markers were in place. Salsola was a secretive place, and one did not boast its name when out in the Neutral Territories – but the man still felt proud of where he came from.

Sapient was quiet – a pack that he had heard nothing about during its affluent time. Now it seemed a hollow thing, quiet in the absence of its people.

Brocade opened his mouth to ask something of Kamari, but instead clamped it firmly closed as voices tinkled through the gaping doorway. Immediately the broad secui man crouched, moving into the shadows that would keep him just out of sight as the two figured appeared. There was a silver woman and jackal – each quietly making their way down the steps as they chatted with one another, oblivious to the Salsolans presence.

The Vedetto glanced at Kamari and allowed his eyes to widen slightly as they spoke, and he mouthed, ’Disbanded?’ before focusing on the names that the woman spoke to her nervous comrade.

They stood on the steps for what felt like an eternity until finally continuing on their way – their voices slowly fading into nothing. Brocade gestured with his head and the pair crept their way towards the back of the building – their ears fanning madly in case there were other Sapiens still milling about the large building. Brocade picked his way through rubble until finally sliding behind an overgrown bush that gave way to an open window.

He panted, glancing at Kamari with a raised brow.

Here it would be safe to whisper.

”So they’ve gone?” He shook his head with disbelief, ”Do you think there’s anyone left inside?”

He raised a large hind paw to scratch behind his ears, ”We could look inside – see if there is something we could bring back to The Boss.” He set his foot down quietly, ”Do you think this windows small enough for you to squeeze through?”

I figured they could try some burgling? Brocade can shift into Optime and than let himself in through a side door? Or, Kamari could get through the window and then find and alternate way for him to get in? Let me know if you would like me to change anything !:)

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Sounds like fun to me! Feel free to PP a random Sapien walking by (if you want!) before Kamari eventually coming back out from somewhere and letting him in through one of the side entrances!

It seemed Brocade was just as taken back by the unexpected news as she was. Of all things for them to come across, a pack in the midst of disbandment was not something Kamari had expected to come of their search beyond the Kingdom’s borders for Etoile. They waited in stealthy silence as the two Sapiens moved on, continuing to converse with one another about the pack’s current state of affairs and the dark one’s journey that was to start the following morning. Despite their departure from the immediate area, Kamari remained alert for any more that might be lurking about. It was clear that the two Shield Apprentices had wandered deep into once-claimed territory.

With a gesture from Brocade, the pair were on the move once more. They slunk towards the building, keeping to the shadows as they went. Their pace was ever alternating, between slow, careful steps when one or the other suspected enemy movement, to quick movements when crossing over unprotected terrain. Eventually, they took cover in a large bush beneath a conveniently open window on the lower floor. Kamari peaked from beneath the bush for any roving Sapiens, her small size allowing her to slip beneath the thick, mazework of limbs of the plant.

“Seems like they’re in the process of it,” she whispered to him, backing out from where she had crawled. She shook out her fur of the feeling of the bush’s twigs grabbing at her flesh. Cornflower blue eyes glanced up at the open window, “If they were here at this hour, there may be more within.” If it was anything like the Clan’s Mansion, there was a large likelihood that some might have taken up residence within the building. And like the two they had seen earlier, there may have been a few others still lingering about.

She smirked in the darkness to the Valentine’s suggestion. “That and news of this pack’s disbandment might please her.” She knew O’Riley would have wanted to learn of such information. Elphaba, she thought, might be more interested in a pretty trinket or other valuable to add to her collection of things.

Kamari’s gaze returned to the window in question, narrowing upon it as she tried to consider the pros and cons of such an entry. In the end, she nodded firmly. “If you hoist me up, I can slip in. I’m small enough in this form that they might mistake me for a stray fox at a glance if someone sees me.” The wonders of what shadows and darkness could do on the mind. “I’ll make a quick sweep and find a way to get you in without causing a racket.”

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